Saturday, September 22, 2012

Ugh Greyhound...Future Trip

Ok so I'm sorry I haven't posted anything lately been tryin to get prepared for my vacation and all and ugh its taken alot out of me even after I finally got better after that heat exhaustion. I knew september was gonna be a busy month just didn't realize how much. My plan is to get ya'll some stuff up here for the weekend then head out Tuesday on my vacation won't be back til October 5th. So anyways have ya'll taken a ride on grey hound in awhile oh my god I was thinkin its been years since I took it but cheep alternative to traveling when you have no car. Anyways they ban just about everything now days, and there sticklers about how much you can bring with you. When I went last you could have 2 under the bus and 3 on top as long as they fit in your overhead compartment. Not anymore its one under the bus unless you pay for the 2nd one $10 then only one on the bus grrr. Anyways I hope ya'll have a great week I'm gonna get ya'll set up and I will see ya'll when I get back. Oh by the way after I get back 5 days later is the event for blogorama bonanza so stay tuned its not gonna be like I normally have thats for sure cause with bein so busy I haven't been able to pitch a whole lot of companies and then all the ones I have is the same issue I run into at this time of year and thats the fact they have over drawn there quota for the year. I will see what I can do always tryin but not always gettin hope ya'll understand I can only do so much. Anyways off to go put some giveaways up now...

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