Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Dagedar DS Game Review

I received the DaGeDar Nintendo DS Game from Reverb Games to review. I got this just in time for Christmas for my nephew he is into alot of games somethin like this plus many others somethin with a challenge definitely though. Well after lookin at pics of this game I really thought he'd like it and it be a great gift for boys. Now I know nothin about the Nintendo DS or the games but he called me the day after I sent it to him that he loved it and it worked great. It seems like a cute little racing game and I think boys of all ages will like it I mean my nephew is 15 and he said its pretty fun although he is a wiz at video games and claims he already beat it..lol. I have to admit it has a very eye catching box when you get it as well and almost reminded me of somethin like digimon and stuff but that's just me. I think this would be a great game for any boy in your life whether for christmas, birthdays or hey why not throw it in with somethin cute for valentine's day just so they know their thought of you might even could get it for the big boy in your life that likes video games lol. So if you haven't checked out Reverb Games and their DaGeDar Nintendo DS Game then you don't know what your missing so get it for yourself or others.

Title: DaGeDar™
Platform: Nintendo DS
Launch Date: November 15, 2011
Price: $19.99
Publisher: GameMill Entertainment

Game Description:
Battle it out with your friends or race evil spirits alone; DaGeDar’s virtual raceway will keep you playing for hours. With more than 30 fast and furious raceways, you’ll be looping, dropping, climbing, and banking your way to the end with fury, but watch out for the blocks and gaps in the raceway! Featuring 100 collectable balls and special, limited edition characters, you’ll have a blast collecting and trading your favorite DaGeDar items. Whether playing alone or sharing with a friend using the game’s multiplayer download options, the action-packed world of DaGeDar will keep you hungry for more racing, collecting and conquering of evil spirits in a unique 33rd dimension world.
Key Features:
• Collectables: Unlock and collect up to 100 DaGeDar racing balls, for collectable and trading fun! Special limited edition, cool characters available too!
• Unique Race Abilities: Each ball carries abilities of Acceleration, Top Speed, Defense and Attack modes.
• Rewards: Earn DeGaDar points at the end of every race for special rewards and bonuses!

I received the ds game shown above and no other form of payment. This is 100% my opinion and may not be agreed upon by others.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Got The Ball Rolling

Hey everyone I guess I'm gonna leave my blog the way it looks most like it and its a bit different than most so hope everyones fine with that and its easy on the eyes. As far as I have been pitching companies like crazy so hope to start offering ya'll some great giveaways soon. If any company has anything for valentine's day or think it would be a great fit that is one thing I'm lookin for the most right now.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Custom Jewelry By Johan Upcoming Valentine's Day Gifts

Valentine's Day is just right around the corner so what would be a awesome gift than some of the nice Custom Jewelry By Johan. I know that special person in your life will love these handmade rings that are just way too pretty to describe. they are so much nicer in person too, so if your looking for a special gift for that loved one here you go check out Custom Jewelry By Johan.

This is one of my favorite rings below and a great gift idea for Valentine's Day.

Tungsten Ring and Gibeon Meteorite inlay showing Beveled Rails - $599

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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Everything's Moving Along

Well I guess I'm just too picky cause I have been lookin for a new background and stuff the last couple days and nothin to me compares to what I have on my page already so oh well for now I think I will stick with the whales. I'm workin hard to keep my dot com right now almost forgot about it and I will start posting again hoping to start today just tryin to get a few things together first. I have already started pitching companies as well so hopin to hear somethin soon. I updated my about me section if anyone wants to check it out I didn't realize I hadn't done it since 2010 wow I followed up on that lol. Hope everyones new year is goin good gettin better here and things are starting to be better than normal. Hoping to start movin towards V-Day stuff soon :) Anyways I wanted to share this very pretty song I have got into lately and the french version is just so pretty anyways I hope you enjoy it as much as me. When I start feeling a time crunch is when it would
be good to start using Article Writing Services.

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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Update Of Whats To Come

Hey everyone hope you had a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year this year is for new beginnings I'm sorry with the virus mess and me and my husband are getting a separation so its been a mess for everything so as you can see haven't been in a blogging mood. So this year I'm starting over with stuff gonna look for new layout of my blog, keep the name of course, but I'm gonna start pitching companies again starting the 4th to see what I can get for ya'll. I do hope ya'll understand and ya'll still stay tuned to my blog. Thanks for all the continuance support it means alot to me.