Monday, May 28, 2012

Unjunk Your Junk Food Book Review

I received the Unjunk Your Junk Food Book from Naturally Savvy to review. I got this fast and I have been wanting to learn more about food cause I have been tryin to lose weight. I know I have never wanted to get rid of all snacks I mean come on shouldn't we be able to eat something snack worthy or sweet. Anyways in this book it gives you a run down of what snacks we eat and why they are bad for you as well as great alternatives instead that are better for you. Some things I knew were already bad for me but wasn't sure why besides just sugar intake this books gives you a run down of all that is in it thats bad for your body and what puts on weight. It gets you to start lookin at the backs of containers and products you buy more that's for sure cause have learned things that are bad for me now that I would have never imagined. So now when I go to the store I see some of those ingredients in other stuff I will know it isn't good for me at all not saying I will always give up those things I love but its nice to know what I could change to instead. The downfall is alot of the alternatives in the book are all things not sold in any of my stores in North Carolina so not sure if Naturally Savvy is west coast based or not but I either eat those junk that I know or bad or eat nothing at all. I do recommend this book though its good to know whats in what your eating.

Unjunk Your Junk Food Book - Buy it From This Page or from the places below

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The Shave Well Company Review & Giveaway(Closed)

I received the fog free mirror from The Shave Well Company to review. I got this fast and wish i had the videos I took showing the mirror and all in action but my computer wiped clear when windows crashed recently. I will try to explain how great this product is though. I have tried many fog free mirrors before now all I have done what they promised but were a headache to use. You either had to put the mirror up in the shower and it stuck out a little off the wall so a bit bulky or they want to add water near the mirror to prevent the fog up. Now again like I said its not that any are bad but I loved the fact that this came in a small box and its one single mirror no slots for water, and its pretty flat as a small mirror would be so it lays flat against the wall. The adhesive holds well to the bathroom wall very well and doesn't slide. I love that even right next to the water that it fogs for a slight second then adjust to the waters temperature and it becomes fog free. From that moment on no matter if you put it under water you may get water on it but it still don't fog. So as you can see simple to use but does exactly what those bigger mirrors so check out The Shave Well Company and get your own for a lower price and travel friendly either way.

The Shave Well Company Truly Fog Free Shower Shave Mirror - $9.99

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Decadence Cheesecakes Review

I received the 'Before & After' Sweetheart Cheesecakes in a Jar Six-Pack from Decadence Cheesecakes to review. I got these really fast and I couldn't wait to try them. Everyone who knows me knows I have a weakness fro good cheesecake sadly not everywhere you get cheesecake is it good. I love with this company they step outside the box and make flavored cheesecake that I have never seen or heard about before. I got the Chocolate Decadence Cheesecakes, New York Style Cheesecakes, Strawberry NY Style Cheesecakes, The Savannah Cheesecakes those were all my sweet lovely cheesecake ones. The chocolate one was really good I thought it was going to be my favorite but I was wrong. With each one you tried next it seemed they kept getting better. I never cared for chocolate cheesecake but theirs is to die for. It isn't too rich like some are. As for NY style well it was as good as a regular cheesecake is supposed to be. I think they did it great justice cause the NY style is normally my favorite kind of cheesecake. As for the strawberry just the right amount of strawberries not too much to overwhelm the cheesecake flavor. The Savannah was my favorite though. Imagine that homemade pecan pie and add it with cheesecake I have never even heard of them mixed together before but this was so good together and a great thought into it. Not only were all these cheesecakes moist and tasty to every bite but the jars were the perfect size for a sweet treat. As for the other two I got were Savory Appetizer Bacon & Blue Cheese Cheesecakes, & Savory Appetizer Smoked Salmon Cheesecakes I got both these for my mom and she said they were so good. She used them on spreads for bread and crackers and said it was good to the last bite. They tasted exactly like they were supposed to on everything I got. I do recommend Decadence Cheesecakes to anyone with a sweet tooth, to anyone who loves cheesecake, to anyone who likes to try something new and every one else I left out. I know I will be going back for the Savannah cheesecake hehe.

'Before & After' Sweetheart Cheesecakes in a Jar Six-Pack - $42.95

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