Saturday, March 31, 2012

VetDepot & J3LL Winners

Congrats to the winner of the VetDepot & J3LL Giveaways. Thanks again to all who entered and to the companies as well.

VetDepot WINNER:



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Thursday, March 29, 2012

VetDepot Winner

Congrats to the winner of the VetDepot Giveaway. Thanks again to all who entered and to the company as well.


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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Stopain Roll On Winner

Congrats to the winner of the Stopain Giveaway. Thanks again to all who entered and to the company as well.

Laurie G.

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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Fraas Spring/Summer Animal Print Wrap/Scarf Review

I received the yellow spring/summer animal print light weight acrylic scarf/wrap from Fraas to review. i got this really fast and was surprised in how nice it looked when I opened the package. The feel of it from the moment I ran my hands across it I fell in love with it, its smooth and soft and silky feel. This scarf is made impeccably well and definitely alot of care went into it bein made just the same. Its stylish enough to go along with just about anything you wear. Whether you wrap it around you just to look nice or you throw it around your neck to make a statement either way it sets any outfit to glamor. There was no frigid edges and it never unraveled on me once. I like the color cause it can match just about anything I wear because its not a real bright color yet you can still tell it goes very well with summer and spring outfits, although I think this is somethin that could also be worn all year long and why wouldn't you want to as nice as it is. I love animal print stuff I mean I have other things including wallets and bedding thats animal print so definitely needed somethin else. My cat has a thing about leopard print and she thought she was gonna take my new scarf away from me lol. Anyways if you don't know Fraas and the nice scarves they make your missing out check them out today.

These measure at 28 x 80 inches and retail for $40

Also check them out on facebook and twitter

I received the scarf shown above and no other payment for this. Facebook is not connected in anyway to this review. The above is my opinion of the product only and may not be agreed upon by everyone.

Fashion To Figure Open Knit Cotton Sweater with Twist Front Review

I received the Open Knit Cotton Sweater with Twist Front from Fashion to Figure to review. I got this really fast and I couldn't wait to try this on. Sadly last time I worked with this company I couldn't wear any of their clothes so I was so happy after losing 79lbs in 4 months that I could try again. I thought this sweater was so cute cause now all I need is a black shirt or whatever color and then put this over and it just gives a elegant look very classy. All their clothes are so very classy for plus size women and I love that. This sweater is made very well doesn't fray at the ends and its comfortable on as well and very lightweight you barely know your wearing it due to that. I love the twist effect in the front its what makes this look different than your average sweater. Now this is not the kinda sweater you wear to keep you warm and stuff but very nice just to look fashionable. I love knit sweaters I think they look better than your regular sweaters anyways although they no longer carry this sweater they have so many nice clothes so I do recommend anyone lookin for sizes between 12 and 26 to definitely check out Fashion to Figure and see what you can find. Another thing I love is they aren't over priced at all. All their prices are so reasonable and so worth every penny.

It is no longer available on their site I noticed but they have alot of other nice things

Also check them out on Facebook & twitter

I received the sweater shown above and no other payment for this. Facebook is not connected in anyway to this review. The above is my opinion of the product only and may not be agreed upon by everyone.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Custom Jewelry By Johan Mokume Gane Inlays So Beautiful

I thought I knew just about every kinda metal out there and stone by now up until I came across Custom Jewelry By Johan. He has such beautiful jewelry and such pretty metals I had never seen before. Take the Mokume Gane inlays such a beautiful type a metal and the designs in it just make it extra special. The beauty of it I'm sure in pics do it no justice for how beautiful it probably is in person. I think with even gettin rings with the Mokume Gane inlay you might just have a one of a kind set of wedding bands at least for your area cause how many have even heard of this metal before go on ask people. Such a beautiful set of colors of orange definitely worth showing off and don't take my word for it go ahead and get you these specially pretty rings with such a pretty inlay. Also while your on the site make sure you look over the rest of his beautiful jewelry great for weddings or just to have such unique rings he makes himself. Also there are great things to learn on the site as well like how to tell if what you have is real gold or fake or ideas of how to get a ring stuck on your finger off and so on so if you haven't yet check out Custom Jewelry By Johan and get your shopping on today for you, your loved one or family and friends.

About Mokume Gane: its a mixed-metal laminate with distinctive layered patterns. Translating as "wood-grain metal", the name was borrowed from one type of pattern created in the forging of swords and other edged weapons.
The traditional components were relatively soft metallic elements and alloys - gold, copper, silver, shakudo, shibuichi, and kuromido - which would form liquid phase diffusion bonds with one another without completely melting. After the original metal sheets were stacked and carefully heated, the solid billet of simple stripes could be forged and carved to increase the pattern's complexity. To achieve a successful lamination using the traditional process required a highly skilled smith with a great deal of experience.

Narrow Flat Profile Mokume Gane inlaid in Titanium Ring Wedding - $167

Mokume Gane inlay Titanium Ring Wedding Band - $197

Mokume Gane Inlay in Titanium Ring - $197

I received no form of payment for this post.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Arnicare® Arnica Gel Review & Giveaway(Closed)

I received the Arnica Gel from Arnicare to review. I got this fast and couldn't wait to try it out. Its funny I think my body avoids stuff like this cause as soon as I got it I haven't had to use it for anything. Thankfully my mom needed to use it alot with back pain and everything. She gets out in the yard and likes to garden and play with plants and stuff so when she comes in after stayin out most the day she has to take somethin. Instead she put this on and used this every day for a week after bein in the yard and her leg and back hurtin. She said this was some of the best stuff she has ever used it helped with the pain almost instantly. Its not real greasy or have a strong bad odor like most that have helped in the past does. She always though it had to have a strong odor that bout took your breath away or that it had to leave a film on your skin to relieve the pain but now she has found a new weapon with this gel. I have started tellin everyone I know about this cause the price of it is a little cheaper than some stuff sold in stores but here is where you save money you don't use no where as much of the product to relieve the pain as you do with other products. My mom so recommends Arnicare now to others as well so if you have pain check it out.

Unscented · Quickly Absorbed · Non-Greasy · Paraben-Free · Works Naturally with Your Body

Arnicare Gel works with your body to relieve pain. Made from natural homeopathic ingredients, it is safe to use at the first sign of muscle pain, swelling from injuries or bruising. Arnicare Gel is unscented, non-greasy and quickly absorbed by the skin, so it’s convenient and easy to use anywhere on your body. Suggested retail price for Arnicare Gel 2.6 oz is $9.99.

Where To Buy

Get a $1 off coupon

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