Friday, April 30, 2010

Winner of Select Comfort

First off I'm so tired tonight so gonna end this a few mins early well, technically like 20 mins sorry but I can't stay up any longer and if I don't end now then it will be tomorrow so figured ya'll don't want to wait that long.

Congratulations to the winner of the Select Comfort Giveaway. Thanks to all who entered and hope to see you around more often if your not regulars yet. Thanks to Select Comfort as well. Without further a do the winning # is 80

Beso Kitchen Aid Mixer Giveaway

It’s there Bake Up Summer Sweets Contest, where they are giving away a KitchenAid mixer for the best review of a summer treat. It’s being judged by there award-winning blogger, Emily Schuman, of Readers are invited to enter by submitting the recipe for their favorite sweet treat for summer. Ms. Schuman will select the winner, who will receive a KitchenAid Mixer and be featured on there site over the summer. So make sure you go check it out and enter.

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Eat Whatever Review

I received a pack of the eatwhatever tabs and mints from EatWhatever. I was more than glad to review this product because I don't know about ya'll but were forever eating something with onions, or garlic in it and even some other kinds of spices, and everyone knows onions and garlic especially leave really bad breath. Well I have been tryin it out last couple days with both onion and garlic so double the smell and a bad taste as well if you happen to burp after eating them. Well I swallowed 2 of the gel pill like things and followed behind with the mint like it says, there's not much taste to the gel pills so makes it easy to get right down, and the mints are yummy. After a few mins it was weird cause I could feel all down my throat down to my tummy bein all minty fresh which I don't get from mints I guess this is where the gel pills come into play. Anyways my breath was fresh and no more nasty onion and garlic breath not to mention if I happened to burp it was minty ha ha. Now our household can live wit each other yet eat the stuff we like, these are awesome.

Each pack contains 10 gel caps and 10 mints.

eatwhatever packs (10pk)-Price: $27.00

eatwhatever packs (3pks)-Price: $8.10

eatwhatever t-shirt-Price: $35.00

single dosage pack (100pks)-Price: $30.00

single dosage packs (30pks)-Price: $9.00

The Sophisti-kit-Price: $27.50
The Sophisti-kit "all your need for the night before the morning after"

I received the pack of eatwhatever and a few single sample packs shown above and no other payment for this. This is 100% my opinion and may not be agreed upon by everyone.

Fandangling Review

I received the underwater adventure set in blue with the cute little dolphins and turtles on it from fandangling. I really wanted to try this out cause although I have no kids I love dolphins and think this could have alot more uses than just for young children. Let me explain ok one we had a fan in our living room that wobbled all the time cause it was off balance well once I put these on it balanced it and no more wobbling. and if your gonna do any room in any of the characters like with me in the next place I go to I want to do a room up in sea life animals like dolphins, turtles, seahorses and so on and this would definatly set the room off with looks. You could also hang this from other furniture's for decorations as well. There are so many uses, you could use these for, anyways I'm really not sure they make the best for real young kids anyways and the reason being is as you will see in the first video below thats at the lowest speed and it blurs them and you barely even tell what it is, in the 2nd video it was after I turned it off and its slowing down to stop as you can see them better in that one, but I think your fan would have to be about that slow or it would just make a child dizzy. Now granted my cat loves it she sits and watches them go around and I love that even on high they stay in place which is awesome, there so easy to install I did it all in about 5 mins if that. All in all a great product I just don't think for exactly what it was intended for.

below is it on its lowest setting

Below is with it turn off and it just slowin down

All of Fandangling different choices like the one I got all $19.95 plus $3.00 shipping anywhere in the usa

Here is a coupon you can use for all my readers with 20% off

coupon code-FANDANGLING10

I received the underwater blue set shown above and no other payment for this. This is 100% my opinion and may not be agreed upon by everyone.

A Bunny We Helped Today

Well my mom came home this morning from visiting the landlord and she had a cat carrier in her hand. She was tellin me that she caught the little bunny because the cat was trying to kill him, he looked like his hip had been broken for awhile which is probably the reason the cat caught him so easy, and he was only bleeding just a little so if the shock he went through today doesn't kill him we might just keep him. Haven't picked a name out yet I will let ya'll know if we do. The reason we thought about keepin him is because although he is a wild bunny he will die if his hip is broke because he will never be able to get away from predators like what happened to him today and he is just a little things. :( I gotta read up online and see if I can figure out his age and see if he has to drink some kinda milk or if he should be drinkin water and what he should be eating so far. Anyways look at the cutie below. If anyone knows anything about bunnies please pass on some knowledge.


We sent him on to a local rehabilitation center for injured animals the nc wildlife people told us it was best due to the broken hip or leg needed to be splinted and such. So they just left with him and he should be just fine just not in our family.