Friday, April 30, 2010

Fandangling Review

I received the underwater adventure set in blue with the cute little dolphins and turtles on it from fandangling. I really wanted to try this out cause although I have no kids I love dolphins and think this could have alot more uses than just for young children. Let me explain ok one we had a fan in our living room that wobbled all the time cause it was off balance well once I put these on it balanced it and no more wobbling. and if your gonna do any room in any of the characters like with me in the next place I go to I want to do a room up in sea life animals like dolphins, turtles, seahorses and so on and this would definatly set the room off with looks. You could also hang this from other furniture's for decorations as well. There are so many uses, you could use these for, anyways I'm really not sure they make the best for real young kids anyways and the reason being is as you will see in the first video below thats at the lowest speed and it blurs them and you barely even tell what it is, in the 2nd video it was after I turned it off and its slowing down to stop as you can see them better in that one, but I think your fan would have to be about that slow or it would just make a child dizzy. Now granted my cat loves it she sits and watches them go around and I love that even on high they stay in place which is awesome, there so easy to install I did it all in about 5 mins if that. All in all a great product I just don't think for exactly what it was intended for.

below is it on its lowest setting

Below is with it turn off and it just slowin down

All of Fandangling different choices like the one I got all $19.95 plus $3.00 shipping anywhere in the usa

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I received the underwater blue set shown above and no other payment for this. This is 100% my opinion and may not be agreed upon by everyone.

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