Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Memorial Day!

Just wanted to stop by and wish everyone a safe and happy memorial day!!! If you drink drive safe as well cause this holiday is bad for deaths as well.


Sunday, May 30, 2010

Best in Town Giveaway

Great $40 Gift Certificate giveaway goin on now til june 4th so head on over low comments so come on and join me.

CSN Stores $40 Gift Certificate Giveaway | The Best In Town

Black Diamond: WOW! Wood & Laminate Floor Cleaning Kit Review

I received the WOW! Wood & Laminate Floor Cleaning Kit from Black Diamond to review. Although we have not one wood floor in our house thats not covered my mom cleans for the land lady all the time who has wood floors so I figured this was a great opportunity. My mom is always saying everything she uses on the ladies floors nothing seems to help at all. So she put this together which is easy to assemble almost like a swiffer, and headed down the street. My mom said it works great gives the unwaxed wood in the landlords house almost a shine and appeal to them. She said the mop itself is very sturdy and not flemsy in anyway and definatly gets the job done. The landlord loved how her floors looked after using this floor care kit from Black Diamond and she was sold and plans on buying many of these even for her family this Christmas she says.

WOW! Wood & Laminate Floor Cleaning Kit - $24.98 plus shipping

This is the offer they have for everyone so check it out....

Black Diamond Cleaners FREE TRIAL OFFER:

Try our WOW! Wood & Laminate Floor Cleaning Kit FREE for 30 days!

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If, after 45 days you are thrilled with our products, keep them and we will charge your card for the kit at our reduced rate of $24.98! If our WOW! Cleaning Products don't wow you, simply ship them back to us and owe nothing.

It's a win/win situation!!

Black Diamond Stoneworks Wood Floor Cleaning System is the complete wood floor cleaning set for all un-waxed natural wood and laminate floors. This kit comes ready to clean with the WOW Wood Floor Cleaner, a heavy duty cleaning mop and a Microfiber Cleaning Pad. For the ultimate in wood floor care, use the WOW Wood Floor Restorer with the Microfiber Restorer Pad to restore and protect your floors after cleaning.

I received the WOW! Wood & Laminate Floor Cleaning Kit shown above and no other payment for this. This is 100% my opinion and may not be agreed upon by everyone.

Frownies Immune Shield Skin Serum Review

I received the Immune Shield Skin Serum from Frownies to review. I read up on this on the site and it has so many uses from help with acne, to stretch marks to even dry irritations and fine lines and wrinkles especially around the mouth. I figured with me gettin closer to 30 every day that I should start thinking about the signs of aging which I have noticed have already begun, so figured I would try out this product and see how good they may or may not work. Well I have been using it more for my face than anything because that's the first thing people see with me so its the first thing I want to look better. I have been washing my face thoroughly in the morning patting dry and applying the immune shield serum all over my face and rubbing in. It doesn't take much of this at all and although it goes on dark brown it smooths into the skin and has no color after wards. In the last week I have noticed my skin feeling more radiant and smooth, plus very soft. Although I didn't have alot of lines the ones that were starting to appear around my mouth have smoothed out where there not as noticeable, well at least to Frownies makes alot of great products so surgeries and botox isn't needed. Also since I have been using this on my face although I don't get alot of acne but do get blackheads it has smoothed away my face from the acne and have had no problems with out breaks or black heads since I have been using this product. I'm gonna continue using this because I love the difference it has mad but now gonna start using on stretch marks as well. The reason I mainly reviewed this for the wrinkles and such is because that is the main reason I got this product and face it ladies we need to make ourselves look as pretty as can be and stop the signs of aging. Now we can heres ageless beauty in a bottle.

Info From Site:

Immune Shield was created as an after sun care for over exposure to UV rays. Immune shield is 40% whole vitamin E serum from organic whole oats. The most difficult skin conditions like adult acne, dry irritations and fine lines around the mouth and under the eyes respond to Immune Shield.

Immune Shield is an after Sun care product addressing exposure to UV rays that cause redness (erythema) and leathery skin. Vitamin E is a proven anti-oxidant that promotes healing and protects skin from scaring. Vitamin E in Immune Shield will soften wrinkles, penetrate deep to promote softer younger looking skin. When looking for topical vitamin E serum no other vitamin E product has this high percentage of active whole vitamin E as Immune Shield.

After showering, apply Immune Shield to any problem areas on the skin. Also, use Immune Shield skin care serum for irritated areas or abrasions, and on any area needing healing after surgery. Always consult your doctor as to when to begin applying whole, fully active Vitamin E serum to new scars. Immune Shield's Vitamin E matrix is the most bio-available Vitamin E product on the market today.

Blemishes on the Face

Natural Whole form vitamin E in Immune Shield contains all the phospholipids, polypeptides and phenols for healing that occur naturally in whole vitamin E oil. Because of vitamin E’s healing anti-inflammatory properties a little can be blotted on any pimple or blemishes to promote blemish drying and healing. Acne can be helped by vitamin E in a bio- active form. Skin prone to acne needs extra support all the time. Immune Shield offers the skin the right type of lipid to support a healthy skin cell and clear skin. Blemishes and pimples like, blackheads, whiteheads, papules, cysts and nodules are all a result of inflammation at some level. The skin produces excess oils when the right lipids are not present. Immune Shield as acne serum with 40% whole form active vitamin E and is rich in poly phenols and amino acids that support the skin integrity. If you are prone to acne use Immune Shield every morning and night on the entire face for beautiful clear skin.

Stretch Marks and Scars

Immune Shield is perfect for prevention or treatment of stretch marks on the skin as well as scars. Immune Shield is 40% whole Vitamin E oil. Clinical trials have proven vitamin E works great on newer stretch marks but even if they are have been on the skin for a while, it still works; it just takes a little longer. If you are pregnant it is safe to apply all natural Immune Shield to the abdominal and hip area as well as the breast. Apply the Immune Shield after taking a shower; re-apply after your next shower. To be effective, you should be applying the vitamin E oil daily. If you do not take a shower every day then, on the days that you don't shower, clean the surface with a clean wet cloth and re-apply as usual. Immune Shield works for stretch marks, scars (including acne scars and blemishes) and any skin irregularities that you wish would disappear. If you have used vitamin E in the past you will not see the sticky residue like other vitamin E products; Immune Shield penetrates completely and goes to work immediately.

Fully Active Phospholipid Molecular Matrix of Vitamin E and Amino Acid and Phenols Phospholipid Complex(whole oat oil), Cyclomethicone, Phenyl Trimethicone, Isononyl Isononanoate, Phenoxethanol.

Frownies Immune Shield Vitamin E Skin Serum 60ml: Price: $32.00

Make sure to check out some of there other great products as well.

I received the immune shield skin serum shown above and no other payment for this. This is 100% my opinion and may not be agreed upon by everyone.

Sweetly You Perfume Review

I received 10 sample tubes of perfume of my choice from Sweetly You to try and review. As you will see all the ones I received below but I had only a few favorites. Although they have different scents to fit just about everyone's needs just keep in mind when buying any perfume of any kind they don't always smell as good in the bottle as they do on you, depends on the persons chemistry in there most times the same scent won't smell the same on everyone. Well I have to admit these perfumes from Sweetly You are long lasting there not oily or anything but have a better oil base so it sinks into your skin and the smell lasts longer than some perfumes which is a major plus, no need to reapply constantly through out the day. Even in the sample tubes bein you don't have to reapply alot they last longer so if you buy bottles of perfume from Sweetly You it should last you longer than a cheap bottle of perfume from the store. I do love they have so many choices to choose from and I'm obsessed with fruit smells and food smells in perfumes so this was great cause they have alot of choices. I fell in love with the Hawaiian Breeze that one I will defintaly purchase when I can and the tropical mango is my 2nd favorite the rest just won't the greatest maybe on some occasions but not all. All in all this is a great company here is my list below and my thoughts on each.

Sample 1 Watermelon Slices (smells pretty good and fresh)

Sample 10 Strawberries & Champagne (you can't smell the strawberries just the champagne)

Sample 2 Creamy Vanilla (kinda strong)

Sample 3 Chocolate Mint (real strong but does keep to its name)

Sample 4 Cookies n' Cream (smells ok if you like oreos cookies n cream)

Sample 5 Cucumber & Melon (refreshing smell)

Sample 6 Dreamsickle (kinda stinks)

Sample 7 Hawaiian Breeze (fruit smell mixed with like a refreshing day on a beach)

Sample 8 Rootbeer (nasty smell i hated it think its better to be just drank ha ha)

Sample 9 Tropical Mango (just what it says mangos smells great if you love fruit smell)

If you buy just the samples it comes to (Free Shipping) $7.96

You can shop by any of the categories below for several prices on sizes so definatly check them out. Make sure you check out that they sell other stuff besides perfumes as well.

Sweetly You Signature Bath and Body products, including perfumes, body lotions, body scrubs and soaps Individual Products

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Sweetly You Signature Bath and Body Products and Gift Sets Currently on Special CLEARANCE!

I received the samples set of perfume shown above and no other payment for this. This is 100% my opinion and may not be agreed upon by everyone.