Sunday, February 28, 2010

Forever Connected (Poem I Wrote)

Forever Connected

Dedicated: Michael Jackson

I hear your cries
I feel your pain
I need you now
Before I go insane

I hear your voice
Only in my head
I feel your touch
There truly is no other choice

I am forever connected
Forever loved, forever hurt, forever rejected
I would follow if you were my leader
If you promise you will not go

To say goodbye cuts into my soul
You are a part of me
But I know you have to go

Please forgive me for being selfish
Your happiness is all I wish
Now you are gone
And I am forever connected

Copyright © 2009
2/28/2010 was when it was wrote

You (Poem I Wrote)


Dedicated: Michael Jackson

You touch my heart with every glance
You take my breath away with every gasp
You inspire me with every word
You are the true work of the master up above

If you were the rain come pouring down
Filled with all your love, I would drown
To follow you is a joy
To listen to you is an unbelievable feeling
To have had you is a gift
To lose you is a great sorrow
One day I will join you, one day I will follow
Til then my sweet Michael
please look over me from above.

Copyright © 2009
wrote 2/28/2010

Forever Be A Angel (Poem I Wrote)

Forever Be A Angel

dedicated to Michael Jackson

All the pain and hurt I have kept bottled inside
Came to the surface the day you died
Now my heart is breaking
After all this I'm scared no more faking
All the rumors I believed
And you are the one I hurt and deceived

My chest aches with every breath I take
I finally learned to release all my hate
The tears have finally began to fall
I should've been there for you through out it all
I'm sorry it took you dying
To believe you weren't lying

I'm sorry I was one to cause you pain
Now your at peace no more pain again
You will always be apart of my life and me
if only the rest of the world could see
You will now forever be a angel you deserved to be
with your wings flying high and watcher of all you see

Copyright © 2009

Show Some Love For Michael Jackson!!

To All Michael Jackson Fans Show Your Love & Support For The "King of Pop"

2 different ways to do so first go here and vote for him make sure you share with as many as you can on facebook or twitter or even email the link.

2nd way is go here and share your memoris, poems, or just loved words in tribute to Michael Jackson

One Michael Jackson.
One Million Tributes.
Help them reach there goal of one million tributes for the King of Pop

and if your on facebook feel free to check out this group

Friday, February 26, 2010

Cool Widgets To Try

Just was goin through lookin for cool widgets tonight for my yahoo widgets and ran across these great social networking widgets and thought I'd share for anyone who uses widgets or would like to get started. I know they make my life easier....

First if you don't have widgets on your desktop go here to download the main package keep in mind its like 23 or 24mb...

Ok here is my person screen shot below from my facebook notifier (click on it to see it bigger) i black out last names and pics to protect there privacy and marked out my last name as well... By the way the only thing wrong with this is you can't reply or anything from the actual widget when you click the action you want to do it takes you straight to facebook to the page to post on someones page or to your inbox or whatever but from the widget you can view what peoples status are and update you own plus see when you got mail and such. to download it go here

2nd is the twitter TwittY widget I love this you can update your status from your desktop, see your friends tweets, your direct messages, how many new tweets there are, replies, how many following you and favs. my screenshot pic below also marked out last names. you can download it here

American Idol Elimination 2/25/2010

Was watching American Idols elimination tonight and although I wasn't 100% happy with the results was glad to see Lee Dewyze & Didi stayed in there 2 of my favs although I still want Lee to win. Was kinda funny this past week with Casey more the less dedicating the song Heaven to Kara and then her gettin all embarrassed when she knows she wants him and then her husband bein there tonight was freakin hilarious.... anyways I did think that the Rodriguez girl went home only cuz she murdered Leona Lewis int the song Happy which I love and don't think she did it any justice.

Anyways I'll do recaps here and there for American Idol up until there top 12 then it should be a more regular basis reviews of it....

Uprinting 500 Business Card Winner

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Thursday, February 25, 2010

American Idol This Is My Winner Who's Yours?

I watched American Idol tonight and the guys were singing which was great I enjoyed them better than the women and I disagree with Simon I think its a guys year yet again and I hope its Lee Dewyze I love the sound of his voice the most and think he could go along way.... So up until he wins or sadly he may go home I will have a vote Lee Dewyze button on my page that I made there will be a code under it so anyone who vote Lee can post on there blog, webpage and so on. Hope you like and enjoy.... If anyone wants a button made with any other american idol contestant please let me know and I also need to know if you want it still or animated... mines below at bottom....

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

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Everything Princesses Review & Giveaway (Closed)

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