Tuesday, November 4, 2014

How Things Have Been

I want to apologize to everyone that follows my blog. As most of ya'll know I did lose my stepfather back at the end of August and as you can see I tried to get back into blogging after only a month after his death but sadly I think it was too soon. I had days I couldn't think straight with the depression taking over. I have taken some time to heal and now I'm going to start pitching companies and try to bring ya'll what I can through the holiday season. I say what I can is because this time of the year is much harder to get companies but where I can I will and I will try to keep everyone updated on things. I am doing better I mean I still miss him but I'm trying to move on I know he would want that. Also I had planned to start a new blog at the beginning of the year but I no longer will be doing that. Reason being I have worked so hard on this blog for almost 5 years one way or another and I refuse to just let it go. Yes it will be harder for me to get back where I was since Google took my page rank but I refuse to give up just because of a company number. Those who want to work with me great those who don't I won't lose sleep over it is their loss not mine. I'm not here for the companies anyways I'm here for ya'll.

Fulcrum Gallery Review

Thanks to Fulcrum Gallery for providing me with the product below to review with no purchase.

I had a chance to work with a awesome company called FulcrumGallery.com to review their beautiful art work. I chose the Vera Oxley water's edge because it is just so tranquil and stunning in every way. They make all their frames and put the artwork on canvas right in the company and send them out to their customers. They have some absolutely gorgeous Traditional Floral art photos as well as some unique things in their store. I loved the picture I got since I got it for my mom. I can honestly say it is much prettier in person and the site does do it justice but when you have it on your wall it sets any room on fire. We have gotten so many compliments on this one picture that we have in our home thanks to this wonderful company. The price of these portraits are so worth every penny spent especially when you take in to count that they do make them all themselves before sending out to you. Not to mention the size and you get the choice of the color frame you want as well. This company has some great wall art for any home to fit any decor. With Christmas right around the corner I want to let you know this company is part of my Holiday Gift Guide as well. This company really has the best framed pictures I have seen in a long time and I believe if you decide to buy from FulcrumGallery.com you won't be disappointed nor will the ones receiving these as a gift. While your at it buy one for your home as well It will be the talk of your neighborhood and visitors to your home.

Vera Oxley Waters Edge 19x23 Gold Frame- $64.99

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I received thepicture above and no other form of payment for this review. This is my 100% opinion and may not be agreed on by all. Facebook has nothing to do with this review whatsoever.

Holiday Gift Guide 2014

So I figured as I come across things for the holiday season whether it be a review or just something I think everyone should own it will be linked to my Holiday Gift Guide 2014. I chose holiday instead of Christmas Gift Guide this year cause it sounds more professional plus Christmas is still almost  months away technically. I don't know about you I like to shop early though. So look forward to anything marked with the label Holiday Gift Guide.