Friday, January 25, 2013

Hard Drive Went On Computer

Sorry haven't been on my computer crashed and my hard drive went on it. I'm hoping to have a new computer soon and get back online. Soon as I can get some reviews and giveaways up I will again I do apologize. Also gonna do a review on my computer even though it wasn't one I got from product reviews and i bought it still thought I'd let people know about it cause I have only had it a year and yet the hard drive goes on it and I think its pretty crappy when its the one I have had issues with for awhile. Anyways just wanted to say hi to everyone and let ya'll know why I haven't been around.

Friday, January 4, 2013

New Changes.. Starting Now!

Alot is gonna change this year and I have had minor set backs that I just can't and won't handle with anymore. If you love the adult products I have reviewed in the past and offered then check out my new blog please follow and get ready for an exciting year over there as well as here. All old posts that were adult in manner are being removed and placed there that is why I need to get more followers there so I can offer ya'll gift cards and such there as well. So please take the time to cause it will be a new entry to get into my giveaways this year so why not go ahead and beat me to the step. From here fourth adult content will not be on this blog and I'm wiping clean. I will be selling advertisement on my blog this year to companies for a fee there will be a page set up for that and more info there. This also goes for blogs who want advertising on my blog as well. I have been blogging for 3 years and am not about to stop now I love all my followers and i will continue to do things for ya'll. So hope you like the new changes and as I get more things in my head planned I will let ya'll know. Also be sure to follow google page and facebook and twitter for new blog as well.