Thursday, September 30, 2010 3rd Winner

Sorry for ending a little early but I'm exhausted and heading to bed.
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My Days Lately!

I know its been like forever since I actually wrote a post that wasn't a review or giveaway and sorry about that just been running around like a chicken with its head cut off I guess. My sleeping has been atrocious sometimes I sleep 6 hrs a night others 10 to 12 hours and then there are times I don't sleep at all. My insomnia definitely has the best of me not even sure why I said nights cause most times I'm up at night a complete night owl. Last night I think is a good example of my sleep bein messed up I was up all day yesterday on no sleep then went to bed at 7pm got up at 5am that's 10 hrs yet again and yet haven't been back to bed yet which I know will be soon. Anyways tryin to get things ready for Christmas tryin to get things ready for my hubbys birthday on the 10th of Oct. and still tryin to get stuff together for my moms birthday in Nov. as well. The next couple months are just gonna be rough although this time of year truly is always this way.

I have thought about it over and over in my head me and the hubby had planned on goin to get a Nintendo Wii at Christmas from us to us kinda thing with all the sites I do to make money and then we thought it would be so much nicer to have high speed net so were gonna put the money in Dec. towards the deposit to get highspeed DSL net and unlimited long distance on our house phone for sure then maybe early next year go for the Wii.

We went went to KFC yesterdays which was nice cause I can't tell you when the last time we went out was, even though its not a big fancy restaurant it was nice we went for buffet. Everything was good until I bit into a chicken liver which I so love so much and it was red I was so sick to my stomach I bout puked but anyways I got my money back for it thankfully I had already had a plate full of food and didn't have to go eat somewhere else too. The manager was real nice about it just not sure when the next time I will go to KFC's.

I got up today and called Walmart to see how much purple hair color was cause I plan on coloring my hair the honey blonde I usually do and the underneath purple and they have to be the stupidest people I swear I was on hold for 22 minutes just to get a price. Anyways I ask if they have purple hair color cause I know I have seen red and blue there before and how much it is, and the girl is like purple and I'm like yeah and she's like purple I'm like OMG yes purple. She puts the phone down not even on hold and then disappears supposedly to go find out. After a bit of waitin I hear someone hangup the receiver and it starts ringing OMG they have no transferred me. Anyways the other lady comes on I tell her I'm waitin for a price check and she said no one has gone to get it COME ON WALMART WAKE UP!!! Anyways she wanted to know what I needed I said I need price check on Dark & Lovely Honey Blonde Hair Color & a purple hair color and she's like purple I'm like yes she then repeats 3 more times purple?? I'm like OMG people you act like you never see purple anymore. It takes them another 10 minutes to come back to tell me we saw dark & lovely is in a purple box OMG I'm about to scream I never asked for a purple box HA HA HA... I said color and she's like we didn't see none. All that headache i just bought some on ebay.

Here is the color I'm gettin

Also bought Joe a wallet as well as you can see that below...

Anyways guess I'll go for now gonna play sims 2 for abit and try to unwind... will be around later.

Dog Is Good Winner

Sorry for not ending this sooner yesterday was busy and I fell asleep really early. Congrats to the winner of the Dog Is Good Gift Certificate Giveaway. Thanks to everyone who entered and thanks so much to the Dog Is Good as well. Without further ado here is the winner:

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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Kids At Halloween Time Are So Cute

My niece called me up today talking about how excited she was that Halloween was just around the corner and she just couldn't wait to get dressed up. I love to see the costumes that are found especially the kids costumes the kids looks so cute in. There is even a great place to find some of these cute kids costumes and that's at Pure Costumes.

I told my niece about Pure Costumes and asked her if there was anything specific she wanted to be. She loved that they had alot of kids costumes like Shrek 4 costumes and a Bumble Bee Child Costume but her favorite by far was the 80's Valley Girl Tween Costume. They had alot of costumes in girls and boys and she is already tryin to figure out what to be next year all based on what they carry on there site.

So if you love Halloween like I do and you love seeing these cute little kids especially if one of them is yours walkin around in the cutestHalloween costumes then check out Pure Costumes for the greatest range of costumes. Also don't forget to check out there facebook and twitter for other specials that might be goin on.

I'm compensated for my post but this is totally 100% my opinion for this post.

Savy Rest Organic Pillow Review

I received the Shredded Latex Pillow from Savy Rest to review. I have to admit I was a bit surprised when I received this that it said it had shredded latex in it, because it just didn't seem like this pillow was gonna be very comfortable at all due to this. Anyways I moved away my old pillow that night and decided to try this organic pillow out for a try. It is soft but firm at the same time, it actually kinda contours to your neck and all. Although after sleeping through the night and when I got up my neck didn't hurt at all this wasn't for me I love super soft pillows that I sink into ha ha. So My husband tried this out the next night and used it with his other many pillows I swear he is the pillow thief ha ha he has like 5 total. He used this as his main pillow and slept through the whole night without tossing and turning as much as usual. He got up the next day more well rested and no pain in neck or shoulders. Now he prefers a more firm pillow than me so this was perfect for him. I will tell you upfront though this pillow is really heavy and you could probably use it as a weapon if you had a breakin in the middle of the night :) Anyways he loves this pillow now and he said he loves the feel of it, it fits in his standard pillow case great. This was a great experience for him! Just know if your a freak for really soft pillows which granted I know are not good for support in anyway this isn't the pillow for you but if you like soft but added comfort and the firmness with the support you need then head over to Savy Rest and get yours today.

Shredded Latex Pillow

Price: $79.00

Queen, +$10.00
King, +$20.00
Body, +$80.00

I received nothing but the organic pillow for this review no other payment. This is my opinion and may not be agreed on by others.