Monday, August 27, 2012

Been Sick But Workin Hard This Week

Sorry ya'll haven't had time to pitch companies or write on my blog today like I had planned been so damn sick all day nauseated and tummy has hurt all day. Been in my bed most the day startin to feel better here it is late at night but plan on workin hard this week since I'm hopin to feel better by tomorrow. I'm headin to bed soon so might not get much done tonight but just wanted to let ya'll know I should be around this week.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Sneaky Pete's Bev. Review & Giveaway(Closed)

Thanks to Sneaky Pete's Beverage for providing me with the product/products below to review with no purchase.

I received a mixed case to review from Sneaky Pete's Beverage. I got this pretty fast and I let me ma drink these cause I won't lie not much into these kinda drinks myself but my mom loves all things healthy and natural based like these so this review is based on what she thought of them. I do wish I had pics but sadly my computer crashed taking them with it. Anyways my mom has always loved flavored stuff like this so she couldn't wait to try them out. She popped them in the fridge to get them nice and cold and traded out drinkin everything else to benefit trying these. She wanted to try the peach first cause she said its the one flavor she finds is done wrong the most. I will admit when she took the top off you could smell the strong peach flavor I had to try that one a little but for myself hehe. I thought it tasted watered down but my mom said the flavor I was tasting is a base for these kinda drinks to taste like. I'm not used to anything more than soda really so I will let her tell you about them cause she is the expert. She said it not only smelled great but the flavor was very good as well. Peach bein her favorite but she said all had a great taste and tasted as they were labeled on the bottle too taste. Now she did input these would be best chilled in the fridge because she is afraid if you sat it over ice it would water them down to be a little more bland but my opinion what doesn't lose its flavor with ice when watered down I know my mountain dew is blah when it does as well. Anyways my mom said she does recommend people tryin Sneaky Pete's Beverage company and try their drinks cause if you like natural flavors this would be for you even great for kids lunchboxes with school startin back too.

Buy Online 12ct/12oz bottles Mixed Case
- $25.00

Where To Buy

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Blogorama Bonanza Event Coming Soon

Well its been awhile since I have done any events and I know its time again and what better way than doin it with an event I have been in before. So I thought I'd sign up to be part of Blogorama Bonanza Event which takes place Oct. 10 - 26th and I can't wait to bring ya'll lots of goodies. If you are a blogger make sure you sign up if interested its only for 100 blogs to participate $25 or more in prize packs. The rest of you followers stay tuned to win some awesome stuff.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Hurricane Season Yet Again In NC

Hey everyone hope all is well with most I do hope ya'll like the new look to the blog finally finished with its looks. Anyways I'm tryin to get my head into my blog but very hard to do so when you see what I have been seein lately. I mean this is the time of the year we are known for gettin the most hurricanes here in NC. It sucks too cause my birthday is Sept. 5th and god forbid always seems to be near or on a damn hurricane. Anyways I'd be lyin if i didnt say I was scared to death yet again cause now it looks like Isaac might or might not hit us but yet joyce is right behind him and when she turns in to a hurricane she is planned to come right for NC with a vigence thats just great. I hope that both storms dont hit us at the same time that all in itself is scary. Anyways I will try to keep everyone informed as well as try to get more stuff up soon. Anyways here is the latest pic of the hurricane

here is a picture where it shows joyce goin for us

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Spin Shades Review & Giveaway(Closed)

Thanks to Spin Shades for providing me with the product/products below to review with no purchase.

I received the lighthouse night light from Spin Shades to review. I got this pretty fast and I tell you I was so excited about trying this out just several things I wish was better. First I kinda hated that I got stuck with a lighthouse don't get me wrong I live in a state with beautiful lighthouses but with my ex husband liking them so much its the last thing I wanted to remind me of him. Anyways back to what I'm doin here reviewing. Well this was so cute and very well made right out of the package couldn't wait to try it out. Sadly I was very disappointed in this product says when its heated up it spins the shade and on the website it seems to stand up better straight so it can spin around better. Well unless I plain out got a lemon of this batch my little needle on top that holds the shade on always slants to the side I wanted to show that in one of the pics below so everyone sees what I mean. Anyways this things sits pretty on the little needle and looks nice as a regular night light but as far as spinning mine very well lacked this never spun once. So do I say I recommend this night light from Spin Shades well I guess the key question is can you live with just another night light for the price your spending I mean for $5 I could get a regular cute night light but $14 for spinning sounded cool but with it not workin at least not for me I wouldn't pay for it but for the quality guess I would sorta recommend it based only on that and not price or spinning.

AG Summer Lighthouse Night Light

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Cutey Charm Bracelet Review

Thanks to Cutey for providing me with the product/products below to review with no purchase.

I received three beaded bracelets from Cutey to review. I got these pretty fast I love getting things from over seas companies then you know its been somewhere in the world you have not. Anyways I got these and was surprised at how well they were put together they are very nice and truthfully the name hits home they are so cute. I decided to give them to my niece for her to wear cause the only thing I see about them I didn't like was that they are so small and barely fit anymore than a child's wrist so it worked great for her. If you have a child or young girl in mind these bracelets are awesome for them. The clasp that comes undone is pretty wicked because it locks itself in so the chances of it coming undone and you losing the bracelet is alot slimmer and if your putting this on a child definitely don't want that cause they play harder than adults. Their site is pretty basic would look better if it kinda grabbed your attention more I think more people would buy these for kids if it did not sayin they don't get business cause they have very creative and great quality bracelets but thats just my opinion. So I do recommend them for their bracelets just the same so make sure if your lookin for somethin cute for the holiday season for a little girl in your life check out Cutey today. One other thing I can say about this is it can be a pretty expensive gift not gonna say I would spend $20 on one single bracelet so that is a bit pricey but thats on you.

Bead Charm Bracelets - £12.99 or $20.09 USD (although some run a little higher as well but not much

Check out their facebook and twitter as well.

I received no other form of payment for this review other than the bracelets shown above. Facebook is not connected to this review in no way shape or form. This is my 100% opinion and may not be agreed on by all.

Etching Expressions Review & Giveaway(Closed)

Thanks to Etching Expressions for providing me with the product/products below to review with no purchase.

I received my humor etched bottle of wine from Etching Expressions pretty fast for my review. Now I'm not gonna lie I wasn't sure what to expect to me I was like just another bottle of wine right... Wrong. I give them credit It looked nice almost too nice to open and drink. I was thinkin it would be slightly etched maybe in the bottle you know where its easy to scratch off but its not it has great quality to it definitely somethin you could keep for years to come as a great memory. I chose to go with humor cause people automatically think us North Carolinian like to get drunk durin hurricanes so figured it would fit perfectly. Just so everyone knows though if you haven't been through bad hurricanes like Fran and Floyd then you wouldn't understand why we get drunk in category 3 and 4 storms. So I figured since its hurricane season and we will probably get one soon that I would save this bottle for that but went ahead and tasted it so I could give a honest review. I chilled this in the fridge couldn't tell you what it taste like hot but I don't drink wine like that. Also I don't know if this will make you drunk cause I again only drank some not intended to get drunk off it. This wine is very nice would taste great with a meal so the wine and the bottle together are definitely worth the price you pay at least that's my opinion. I do recommend them give to loved ones even if your family member never opens the bottle and just keeps it intact its so pretty to sit on a shelf. So check out Etching Expressions today cause you can also have custom pictures put in that I think I love the best from this company. Their looks are very modern and just look nice in general.

This is just under the humor section where I got mine at but most are $65

Etched Bottles - $65

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Friday, August 10, 2012

Announcement On New Changes To Come

Hey everybody I'm sorry I don't come on my blog as much as I used to but I have been fighting with my depression over my blog I thought I would be so much farther in followers and such after almost 3 years then I started thinkin some other blogs have alot more people yes but I dont hear alot of them say they get nice emails from some of their followers and nice comments wishing them well. I feel I have some of the best followers in the world ya'll have become my family and I'm very appreciative of ya'll taking the journey with me. Its fine if bigger companies don't want me cause I don't fit their stats they want oh well we have each other and there will always be companies that will. I give honest opinions and from now I'm tired of hiding behind some companies that I have found to be bad things yet I felt obligated to some of the companies to just never mention them at all. Now this doesn't mean I haven't been honest with the reviews I have done negative or positive on my blog. This just means there is some companies that would rather not be posted at all if I don't like their items. I truly hate this and amazing how so many bloggers do just this they hush the item.

Since I'm about to shake things up no longer will I be doin this if I don't like it then if its negative its negative, if its positive its positive, and if its neutral its neutral so for any companies that want to work with me they will know upfront its only fair to my followers (my family). I hope the changes I make keep ya'll to keep coming back I have always tried to be a different kind of blogger, one that reaches you as a best friend, or a family member than just a professional type of blogger. I also think I might start writing more from me its somethin I miss, so whether it be things goin on in my life or somethin i believe in I'm gonna start sharing it. Now does this mean I'm gonna post every single day...NO!! I will take at least 2 days off a week and if I'm sick of course but I will try to write when I can and it may even be quiet with giveaways from time to time because I promise you alot of companies don't like to know someone will talk bad about somethin they don't like in their company. If ya'll have ideas by all means please share I want to make this blog just as much home to you as it is to me.

I lost myself along the way in my shitty marriage and now that I'm so past that part and move towards the future then I need change as well so my blog is more me and more fun. I have had some great friends along the way that have helped so much and I thank them for that. Although with my separation and how ugly it got I still can't share some intimate things in my life like what I'm actually doin for work or means to make money just know that my blog does most of what I have which isn't much and me and my mom barely pull through each month. I also can't share for who or if I'm dating anyone because of the outbursts my ex did for so long and he broke up me and my ex boyfriend because of his mess so now its easier to not mention any of that publicly. Also I do have a vacation coming up but sadly won't be sharing the pics or where the location I'm goin because thats too much info that can get back to my ex at this time. As much of my life that I can keep from my ex I plan to cause he has no right knowing what I'm doing anymore. I've worked on my self confidence, and self esteem and have made myself so much stronger since he left and i want to continue that battle. Once my divorce is final I can't wait to share those parts of my life with ya'll that for now I just won't. I may complain from time to time about NC and our stupid... stupid divorce laws though.

Anyways so much to change and I'm not even sure where to start, I just wanted ya'll to know I love ya'll dearly and thank you so much for coming here, for being part of this, and I hope for everything I can do in the future it will continue to make all ya'll happy. So again I hope everyone likes the changes and again thank you for bein a big part of this blog.