My PR Policies

My review policy is I review a little bit of everything in my home or my blog employees homes on my blog. We receive the items at free of charge we do not require payment anything more than the product or products themselves if we contact you. If you contact me about product review or giveaway and I don't contact you there is a $15 fee that has to be provided upfront along with the product for review. I value getting your company name out and give honest reviews in doing so. I go to any means to help spread the word and bring you business. If you have ideas in a way of marketing please feel free to run them by me.

I do not ship ANY products to winners this is solely responsible to the company who wants to provide a giveaway to my readers. Although I know some companies only carry a few products or they have specific ones they want to market if this is not the case then we would like to be able to choose items at your price discretion to review this way we can give honest reviews on items we can use in our home. As far as websites and write ups you want posted on your blog its simple if their is no product to review then its a sponsored post so fees do apply. Depending on how many links and words used it will range between $15 and $30 but may vary best way is to contact me about it.

Almost all reviews include personal pictures taken in mine or my partners homes. I usually have 2 to 3 link backs to the companies website in reviews. If you require a no follow link posted in your reviews I need to know upfront. I expect the same treatment as a blogger from companies as if I was a paying customer, if you want the honest review as if I was a consumer then its necessary. I do not except trial sizes or samples of anything unless its just extra in a package and comes with the main products. I do advertise on my page at fees we can discuss depending on size of banners, buttons or text links you would like to apply.

As to giveaways most ask why do this well it brings business to your sites as well as mine. Although this may not always be a guarantee it gets more people to follow you on social networking sites as well as newsletters so they are more prone to buy if they know your sales and such. This is where bloggers and companies can work together. This can benefit both of because it brings people to your sites as well as my own. I do post all giveaways as well as reviews on my twitter, facebook, and google + pages  for extra advertisements. Most giveaways and reviews are posted within a month of receiving and most giveaways are ran for 1 to 3 weeks on my blog depending most times on value of the item. Due to facebook and Google +'s rules there will be no commenting on anyones facebook or google+ walls about entries into giveaways.

All the things reviewed on my blog are disclosed due to FTC's rules and regulations. I try to make my blog a fun place to be. If you can apply to anything I said above please feel free to contact me and I do look forward to working with you. Do keep in mind if I have contacted you and sent you this page for my rules the fee does not apply for review. The list below is a list of things I would love to review on my blog.

anything technology
electronic cigarettes
small appliances
facial cleaners
anything unique
as seen on tv products
camping equipment
medical stuff
household products
pet products

Now keep in mind I am a miscellaneous blog so I can review a little of everything and although I mentioned somethings I find every day something new to review that I enjoy. Just because it isn't listed above doesn't mean I don't want to work with you so please give me the chance to decide.

I will say upfront I have found to be allergic to most eco friendly cleaning products now this doesn't mean that my partners will not review this that just means more than likely I will not.