Friday, April 30, 2010

Eat Whatever Review

I received a pack of the eatwhatever tabs and mints from EatWhatever. I was more than glad to review this product because I don't know about ya'll but were forever eating something with onions, or garlic in it and even some other kinds of spices, and everyone knows onions and garlic especially leave really bad breath. Well I have been tryin it out last couple days with both onion and garlic so double the smell and a bad taste as well if you happen to burp after eating them. Well I swallowed 2 of the gel pill like things and followed behind with the mint like it says, there's not much taste to the gel pills so makes it easy to get right down, and the mints are yummy. After a few mins it was weird cause I could feel all down my throat down to my tummy bein all minty fresh which I don't get from mints I guess this is where the gel pills come into play. Anyways my breath was fresh and no more nasty onion and garlic breath not to mention if I happened to burp it was minty ha ha. Now our household can live wit each other yet eat the stuff we like, these are awesome.

Each pack contains 10 gel caps and 10 mints.

eatwhatever packs (10pk)-Price: $27.00

eatwhatever packs (3pks)-Price: $8.10

eatwhatever t-shirt-Price: $35.00

single dosage pack (100pks)-Price: $30.00

single dosage packs (30pks)-Price: $9.00

The Sophisti-kit-Price: $27.50
The Sophisti-kit "all your need for the night before the morning after"

I received the pack of eatwhatever and a few single sample packs shown above and no other payment for this. This is 100% my opinion and may not be agreed upon by everyone.

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