Thursday, March 25, 2010

LifeGuard30 Great Invention

I want to share with you this cool little device that would come in pretty handy for anyone who is on alot of medications or elderly or even diabetics. It’s small enough to fit on your key chain but can play the biggest part in saving your life. the device only cost $29 and $7.00 a month for service.

LifeGuard30™ Saves Valuable Time and Lives with Instant Mobile Access to Vital Medical Records

Mini Mobile Records System Stores Medical Information in Pocket-size Device; Ensures Critical Details about Medications, Conditions are Easily Accessible to First Responders in an Emergency When Patient is Unable to Speak

Portsmouth, VA (January 25, 2010) – When James Ramsey’s grandmother broke her hip during a visit to his parent’s home in Norfolk, Va., she was so shaken and in too much pain to effectively relay the details of her medical history to the emergency room doctor. Precious time was wasted waiting for her physician in Orlando to send the pertinent information. Had it been a life-threatening situation, Ramsey realized that the outcome may have been dire.

Frustrated by this situation, he looked online for a solution—a way to store medical records in a mobile device that would provide first responders and emergency room personnel with immediate and access to critical, up-to-date information in the event the patient is unable to speak or remember all the details. What he found was mostly snake oil.

“There were a lot of products that were clearly taking advantage of the elderly,” Ramsey said. “They were overpriced, obviously not going to work effectively, and gave no direction for how to set it up and maintain the data.”

Inspired by the need for a useful, lifesaving device, Ramsey developed LifeGuard30™, the first self-contained, confidential and affordable mobile medical records system that provides peace of mind, saves precious time in an emergency situation and reduces the risk of medical errors by storing critical medical information in a tiny, reliable and secure device.

Your Medical Records. Mobile.

Designed to be clipped onto a keychain, a purse or a belt loop, the LifeGuard30ä device is small—slightly larger than an automobile key fob The full-color screen displays up to 30 pages of critical medical information, including a photograph of the individual for identity verification, current medications, surgical history, pre-existing conditions, known allergies and emergency contacts. Insurance information may also be included, if desired, along with any special notes about pets that would require care in the event of a debilitating incident or medical directives.

Accessing the LifeGuard30ä information requires no electricity, telephone, computer or Internet service, making it the only device on the market that provides reliability in the event of a natural disaster when utilities are out of service. With multiple battery sources, the device is highly dependable; each and every system is thoroughly tested during and after manufacturing to ensure reliable performance.

“LifeGuard30 provides peace of mind in knowing that, in the event of any kind of emergency, your medical records, or those of your loved ones, will be easily accessible,” said Ramsey, President of ViVre Medical, which produces LifeGuard30ä. “Putting this vital information right at the fingertips of emergency professionals can shave precious minutes off the response and treatment time, possibly saving a life. At the very least, it can prevent medication and treatment mistakes that could do more harm than good.”

Easy to Use, Reliable System

Each LifeGuard30ä system includes two devices—one for backup—along with a medical ID bracelet, wallet ID card, home and auto decals and a refrigerator pocket decal all designed to alert first responders that the patient has a LifeGuard30ä device and medical information available.

Customers first load their data onto the device through an easy-to-use web interface. Each customer is assigned a unique LifePin™ identification number that corresponds to their information records and is printed on the bracelet, wallet card, and refrigerator decal. Once the data is loaded, step-by-step instructions guide the user in connecting the device to the computer to load the data.

The LifeGuard30ä is backed up by the LifeSupport™ system, which provides easy access to medical records in the event the LifeGuard30 device is damaged, destroyed or missing. Emergency professionals can quickly retrieve the patient’s records in one of three ways:

· by texting the patient’s LifePin ID number to #66530, the information is delivered to EMS professionals in less than 15 seconds;

· by calling a LifeSupportä operator at 1-877-831-8147 with the patient’s LifePin number, the information is provided by a LifeSupport operator 24/7/365;

· by going online to and entering the patient’s LifePin number.

Customers are reminded periodically to make updates to their records ensuring the most up to date information is available to EMS professionals in the event of an emergency. Updates are simple and can be completed as needed by simply logging into the LifeSupportä system.

Security and Peace of Mind for Anyone

The LifeGuard30ä and LifeSupportä system are safe and secure. Minimal personal identification information is stored on the device and in the customer’s LifeSupportä records. The system uses only a last name and photo to identify the patient, and does not include the user’s first name, address or phone. Nonetheless, the data stored in the system is encrypted to meet HIPAA standards for medical privacy.

“LifeGuard30ä and the LifeSupportä system are ideal for anyone, but especially those with chronic medical conditions or who take medications, Alzheimer’s patients, or those who travel,” Ramsey said. “Medical mistakes and errors due to lack of access to medical information killed over 200,000 people in 2008, and more people are becoming aware of the need to take greater control of their own medical care. LifeGuard30 can help you do that quickly and easily.”

LifeGuard30ä has trained nearly 10,000 paramedics in all 50 states on how to use the system, and most were using it without instruction in less than five seconds. The system already works anywhere in the world, and the company is soon to launch a companion product, LifeGuard30ä Duet, that translates the information into a number of foreign languages.

A program for colleges and universities, called LifeGuard University, is also under development, which would outfit every student on participating college campuses with a dog tag-style necklace and rubber bracelet that contains their LifePinä number, tied directly to their medical records on file with the institution’s student health services department.

To see a demo of LifeGuard30ä or get more information, visit

About LifeGuard30ä

LifeGuard30ä is a product of ViVre Medical, a privately held company that develops and manufactures emergency-related medical products. LifeGuard30ä provides peace of mind in an emergency with a complete system designed to store and transport personal medical information for use by emergency responders at the scene. The LifeGuard30ä device stores details about medications, allergies, medical conditions, emergency contacts and more, all digitally viewable on the device. The device has been recognized as 2009’s Best EMS Tech Innovation by For more information, visit

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