Friday, March 26, 2010

Random Me Chat

I have been run ragged lately its not like I've done anything strainious just sleep wise not sleeping like I was I mean don't get me wrong I'm a night owl but usually I'm in bed no later than 8am and in the last week I have been up til noon to 1pm and sleeping til 8 or 9pm at night grr gotta try to work on that for next week I mean I do like some of my day just prefer nights.

I started talkin to 2 old friends again recently one i went to school with and she just had a baby on Feb. 25th but I hadn't talk to her in a bit and then theirs another friend who I haven't talked to in almost a yr until last night.

Then I got into my shows lately alot, American Idol was just crazy the other day I freaked when Tim ended up in the bottom 2 cause he's like the under dog I don't think he will win but I love his voice and want him to hang around longer although I want Lee to win.

Can you believe the mess goin on with Sandra Bullocks man I think she could do better to him anyways. I do feel really bad for him. Then you got Brad Pitt lately with his beard thing can we say yuck. Sorry this is just completely random ha ha....

Anyways guess I'll back to watchin news and get ready for Dr. Phil to come on which I absolutely love Dr. Phil & The Doctors as well.. Anyways everyone have a great weekend...its begun.

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