Friday, June 20, 2014

Update On My Mom

I want to say im sorry for not updating sooner its been so hectic around here i dont even know if i know which way is up or down anymore. My mom pulled through the surgery and at first had fluid in her lungs that is after they had a hard time waking her after the surgery which worried them they think it might have been an allergic reaction to the anesthesia. She ended up with fluid in her lungs but yet they were treating her for that. After about a week they decided was best for her to go to a rehabilitation center for physical therapy which is where she is now. I just went up and saw her yesterday and she looks alot better and seems to be feelin alot better. They are talkin bout weeks she will be in there maybe even a month so I been run ragged around here tryin to get things in order, take care of the animals, clean the house, and my niece has been here to keep me company so been tryin to take care of things for her as well like cooking and washing clothes and stuff. I will try to get on here as I can and post some reviews and stuff but please bare with me and thanks for the ones who kept us in their prayers it means so much to me... HUGS.