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Thanks to for providing me with the service below to review with no purchase.

Recently I had the opportunity to review the site Now for the full picture please read this entire review. Do not stop halfway through or you may get the wrong idea. I write the way my mind works when I see something new for the first time.
At first glance I found this site to be very interesting and very similar to other ticketing systems I have used. It was very similar to navigate and very easy to sign up for and to use. I frequent many shows and concerts a year and was pleased to get the opportunity to look over this site. At first glance, I noticed what seemed to be some items I found questionable. Why were some tickets so expensive? While others seemed normal. I must admit, I am very familiar with many online systems so I had to dig deeper into why I should use this site over my normal ticketing sites or deal directly with the Venue itself.

The first person I looked up in my area was Jay Mohr. The price I saw on was between $215 and $275. This seemed very high to me. So I went to one of the major ticketing systems and to my surprise, this show did not even exist. Immediately I began to question what I was looking at. So I went to Jay Mohr’s website and looked up the tour schedule. And sure enough! There was the same show listed. I clicked on “Tickets” and was taken directly to the Venue’s ticket system. But this is where I felt things were even more “weird”. The venue was selling tickets for $32.50. Thinking to myself “Perhaps this is a scam”, I decided to run a different artist in my area the same way.

I looked up KeSha. TicketClub showed numerous tickets priced from $59 to $201 for a General Admission show only. I happen to know the venue she will be performing at and it is General Admission only. So I went directly to the venue’s website. Again I see a lower price of $34. BUT THEN!!! I notice the big red letters “SOLD OUT!”. Knowing that her show is sold out, AND that I CAN get tickets from TicketClub I understood that they are a “Resale Marketplace”. have tickets available to shows that are sold out. This now made me very happy to see that I can still go see the show! They offer a 100% - 125% guarantee on all their sales that fit a variety of things that may come up from canceled shows to tickets not getting to you in time for the performance. I was very pleased to see there is a site out there that offers this service. YEARS ago I wanted to see a very Big Name artist whose show sold out in under 2 minutes. As a result I had to turn to the internet. I ended up paying 10 times the face value price of the ticket, only to find out I was in the “Nose Bleed” section. I was very unhappy with my decision. I could have watched the artist on TV and had a better view.

I would highly recommend giving TicketClub a try for any must-see show that is sold out. My only recommendation is: Look to your local venue ticket office first as you may find better seats and pricing. But when you can’t, turn to

I have not made a purchase through them yet, but I am sure I will give them a try in the very near future. When I do, I will write up about my experience and even let you know how the show went! – AJ F.

I received a years membership and no other form of payment for this review. This is my 100% opinion and may not be agreed on by all.

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