Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Dreamfarm Gripet Review

Thanks to Dreamfarm for providing me with the product/products below to review with no purchase.

I received the Gripet from Dreamfarm to review. I got this faster than I expected and was happy to get this. I am forever putting magnets on the fridge that never seem to either hold notes well or eventually they lose their magnet strength and start slipping down the fridge. This seemed like a cool idea now to the question would it work as nice as it looks. I first off love the sleek look of this and it would match any kitchen or wherever you chose to put it at. It also comes with stickies so if you want to put on the wall or something. We did put ours on the fridge and its so easy to slide a note up in it and it stays put. I left notes in it all week and no matter how much you slam the freezer it doesn't move. The magnets are strong and it doesn't slide. I was able to put even more notes than any magnet would ever hold. This makes so much easier now to leave notes or grocery lists on the fridge. This would also be great for dorm rooms or ares where not alot of space even in offices put on the wall and there you go easy way to keep up with things. I think Dreamfarm outdid their selves with this product I love it and so does my mom its great for any home and I recommend it. So whatcha waitin for get yours today.

 Gripet - $24.95

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