Saturday, February 9, 2013

Right Size Review

Thanks to Right Size for providing me with the product/products below to review with no purchase.

I received several of the flavors from Right Size to review and share with ya'll. Well I'm not gonna lie I have been tryin to lose weight forever now and have tried just about every kinda diet I can out there with no results that last. I hate the flavors that are promised by so many companies and they swear they taste good but sadly I have found over and over again it to be a lie. Who wants to diet and not enjoy the taste of what they have to consume daily? I know I hate it so was kinda expecting the same from these smoothies. I was refreshingly surprised on how good these tasted I even let my mom taste all the flavors too she said its like a smoothie you would get from a ice cream shop its so good. They are pretty filling which surprised me but they last awhile in your body before you feel the need to eat again. These are great on the go as well as at home. They are low in calories of 100 calories each glass which surely beats my slim fast I used to drink with like 240 calories in it plus they never really filled me. So what better way to save money than to go with Right Size and get the flavor of your choice and seriously I spent more money on other diets and shakes at home than what these are worth and none tasted so darn good. These are so delicious makes you not feel like your on any kinda diet. I know in the past month I have dropped off 15lbs so I think these are to thank cause I haven't changed anything else.

 All Flavors 30 Day Supply $54.80

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