Saturday, December 22, 2012

Dive Lights Direct Tovatec Sport Zoom Review

Thanks to Dive Lights Direct for providing me with the product/products below to review with no purchase.

I received the Tovatec Sport Zoom from Dive Lights Direct  to review. I got this pretty fast in the mail and thought this was such a cool idea its like one flash light in one with bein able to have long distance as well as wide view in light. This little flash light is super bright and can light up any area very well. I love with just a click you can change the area thats lit up with a bigger beam and smaller as well. Its not real hard to click to change yet its not super easy either so it won't switch without you tryin. I used this for a couple days and there were good with bad with this little flashlight. First if you hold the flash light without gloves on and use it for awhile it starts gettin pretty warm fast not super hot but you can still feel it. Its more of a nu-sense than a bad thing it wouldn't keep me from buyin it though. Another thing is not sure if its the batteries that come with it or not cause I didn't have more of the size batteries it uses to see but so far from what i seen the batteries don't last long at all maybe cause of the power of the light I don't know cause I know its brighter than any flash light I have seen besides LED lights.

Although they sell many other lights on their site Dive Lights Direct has some pretty nice lights that aren't really pricey although I found for the few issues I had really not worth the $50 they want. If you want just a storm flash light to have in case of an emergency this is great for that but I wouldn't use it for like goin out camping or something. It is waterproof though which is a great feature to have in any flash light. It does promise to have bright, dim, emergency strobe and SOS signal settings but I only saw bright and thats it with bein able to switch it to bigger area to small thats it. It would make a great defense item though with the aluminum construction make it easy to hit someone and knock them out for sure. Its small to carry in a purse but not sure I really recommend this flash light depending on what the use is for.

Tovatec Sport Zoom - 49.95

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