Sunday, September 9, 2012

I Have Been Sick... In The Hospital

I wanted to let everyone know I haven't forgotten about ya'll or the companies but this past week bein my birthday I have been all over the place with friends and such. Yesterday I went to a indian Pow Wow and ended up with Heat exhaustion. It was so bad I was so scared thought I was gonna die. My vision went blurry, my perinatal vision went black, i was dizzy, my fingers and lips were numb, when i stood up i bout passed out, two guys helped me inside and they had to catch me cause i bout fainted as they were helpin me inside. My thinkin was clouded so much even when they asked me my age for 911 I had to think hard yet I normally know how old I am and stuff. When the paramedics got there they said my blood pressure was tryin to crash, my sugar was 106 and it tries to crash normally although they said for now it was ok they would keep a watch on it at the hospital. When they went to stick me to get fluids in me my veins were so thin they busted the one in my hand and I normally have pretty damn good veins to stick. When they pulled the needle out they said I was so dehydrated I bled more my blood was thin. Boy were they right I poured all on to the floor and on my heely shoes ugh still pretty new and now they are ruined cause I can't get the blood out.

They took me to the hospital and on the way they had me hooked to 2 iv 's for fluids when they finally got them in my arm. Total they gave me 3 1/2 bags of saline to get me back to normal which helped. Took about 3 1/2 hours to do so. I felt so much better by the time I was done felt like I could run a marathon but they told me to watch myself. I left there went to the grocery store and realized the rushing around was bringin up the fact I was still so weak. It took alot out of me just the same and was hard to see that in how i was feelin after gettin fluids. I only had to get like 5 to 6 things at the store but I know I stopped like 7 or 8 times just to get through to get back in the vehicle. When I got home I ate me somethin then just relaxed the rest of the evening. I went to bed last ngiht hard and crashed but while i was tryin to get my bed ready and everything i got dizzy cause of rushin around still. I slept like 12 hours and got up not long ago today and yet even somethin simple as goin and makin a sandwich and comin and sittin down makes me so tired. At least today its not as bad as yesterday cause even though i was not dehydrated i found i was very forgetful today that part seems like it might be better at least i hope. I think the next couple days I will be havin to recover from all this so if you dont see me on my blog im sorry but i will be back as soon as i can think straight to write. As long as my thinking is even a bit off I can't keep up with what i need to do. Anyways I will end the last giveaway and put up some new ones soon.

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Emily Reviews said...

Sure sounds like a rough couple of days. hope yo are able to rest up and get feeling better soon.

Danyale N. said...

thank you and yeah its been rough im still havin a hard time gettin my energy back it took alot more out of me than I thought it did. I find myself sleepin and restin more than anything now. I'm hopin by the middle of the week to be back to normal cause im havin a hard time doin much. At least the dizziness is gone when I try to do things but I'm still really tired.