Saturday, February 4, 2012

ShaToBu High Waist Shaping Tight Review

I received the black, high-waisted tights from ShaToBu to review. I got these fast and I gave these to my mom because she had been lookin for somethin like this for awhile. She wanted them for many different reasons from helpin her with losing weight to supporting her legs when she walks alot to even smoothing out her body under her clothes. They do fit snug she said so it was a little bit of a time getting them on she recommends maybe one up size than you might wear, but after getting them on she said they were comfortable. Half way through the day she had to remember they were on cause she couldn't feel them anymore they were so comfortable and all. They did smooth out any bulges and some of her clothes that fit snug before the tights fit perfect like they were made for her. She said they did support her legs alot as well as she was on her feet alot while wearing these and walking around. The price is perfect for these you get what you pay for and these are definitely somethin my mom says she recommends to anyone who wants to slender there body down as well. I had heard of this company before and wasn't sure how good they were but if my mom recommends them thats good cause she is sometimes very picky on stuff like this. So check out ShaToBu and get you a pair of these awesome high-waisted tights today.

ShāToBu™ - High Waist Shaping Tight USD $38.00

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