Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Born Pretty Magic Blue/Sky Blue Color Changing Mood Nail Polish Review

I received the mood fingernail polish from Born Pretty to review. I love working with this company they have some of the most unique stuff in beauty that I have never seen before and did I mention that they are cheap too. Anyways the day I saw this on the site it was a must have. I have always been a big fan of mood rings and really need to get me another. They fascinate me that they can go with your mood and all. Some people don't believe them but I like the thought at least. I got this in the mail and instantly had to put it on. It is purple with slight mix of blue in the bottle but its so cool as soon as I started wiping it onto my nail it turned light blue, how cool is that. Now after awhile I figured it out this only changes two colors light blue when your warm and purple when your cold. Literally thats what it is so not exactly mood wise but I still think it is so cool. I like sometimes goin to was my hands and decide to wet every other finger nail with cold water then I have purple and light blue nails. I don't know call me a big kid but this is the coolest finger nail polish I have ever had. It stays on for awhile too and I think any little girl would love this too. So check out the coolest finger nail polish at Born Pretty this would be great for Christmas too.

New Magic Blue/Sky Blue Color Changing Mood Nail Polish Nail Art - $7.84

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