Sunday, August 28, 2011

Everything Is Getting To Normal Again

I'm back up and running give me a couple days max to get some more company giveaways and reviews up tryin to relax cause the last couple days have been a mess. We went without power (electric) for 44 hours total and you can imagine how icky I feel. Tonight I'm gonna post my winners of the last two giveaways upload videos of the storm tonight on youtube then i will go to bed. Tomorrow I will try to become human even more after cleaning the yard and house up from not having power and having a mess of tree limbs in the yard. I will also post the pics of the storm tomorrow over here for others to see but I'm alive and so is my family. I think the worst part was actually being without power. The outer banks got hit pretty hard and my heart goes out to them cause alot are stranded there and the road is broke apart.

The winds did get up to 55 to 65mph here and alot of trees down along with power outages. All of Duplin County went out during the storm and there were 256,000 people without power luckily today it went down to 176,000 people but still alot are in shelters and such. We will slowly bounce back from this and it started today and will continue through the week getting things to normal. I will try my best to get some reviews up by the end of the week at latest but I got to do whats best here and for my family right now, I do hope ya'll understand. As for deaths the total has been counted at 6 right now although sad to lose lives it could have been alot worse and the outerbanks and coast are still flooded. Well guess I'm off to get ready to end another giveaway tonight talk soon.

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