Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Ecoland Socks Review

I received the ankle socks and quarter socks from Ecoland to review. I got these real fast like I did the last time I worked with this great company. Their prices are great if your tryin to go organic and eco friendly now days. My mom loves these socks she said they are so comfortable and she loves that their dye free so no worries of causing allergic reactions on her skin. She also loves when washing you don't have any issues with colors bleeding or anything on other clothes. She said they are comfortable with and without shoes on as well. They have alot of great items on their site and I have had the chance to try some of their products in the past. I totally recommend them me and my family all recommend them for some great undergarments as well. They even sell things for kids and men how bout that one stop shop. Organic items are really great for people with alot of allergies to dyes and other chemicals in other clothes. So if you have alot of allergies then look no further for some great items. My mom has replaced some of her socks when she is gonna be in them all day with these socks now especially the quarter socks she loves them and my mom normally hates socks. She also likes the arch support cause she has a pretty sharp arch and is painful alot to her. So what are you waiting for check out Ecoland.

Women's ankle socks w/ arch-support - $6.00

Women's coolmesh quarter socks - $7.00

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I received the organic socks shown above and no other form of payment for this. This is 100% my opinion and may not be agreed upon by all. If you like my review please This is not sponsored nor does it have anything to do with facebook.

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