Friday, April 9, 2010

Bling Strands Review

I received this in the mail from Bling Strands and I really wanted to try this due to I love spicing up my hair style sometimes. When I received it I opened it up and read the instructions which I found very confusing. By the end of it all I think I figured out you practically weave it into your hair, which my husband put one strand in mine and it wouldn't stay right. When it came to taking it out it hurt from the pulling it out. I'm really not sure why they didn't have some kinda clip or something to put them in your hair with, because weaving it in was too hard and definatly wouldn't be easy for any kid or teenager to do them selves. Because its one strand at a time that goes in your it really doesn't even show up as nice as if it had been several strands hooked together and clipped in your hair. To me this would be just a big waste in money, I guess maybe for halloween or something this might work. I'm a very impatient and its way too time consuming for me. I never took any pics of it in my hair due to it not taking right.

I received 1 packet of bling strands and no other form of payment for this review. This is 100% my opinion and no others.

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