Saturday, April 24, 2010

Announcement To My Readers!

Good Morning everyone hope your mornin is startin off better than mine, my tooth is hurtin grrr. Anyways I wanted to thank everyone so far who has done my survey I will be running it for 2 weeks to see ya'lls thoughts and ideas then I will close it come back here and post about the ideas ya'll have given me and such. There are a few things that already I know I will be addressing but thats fine it can wait a couple weeks. I have been workin myself to death lately with postin 10 giveaways at a time which don't get me wrong I will still do because I love to do it. But I found a way to still have a little me time and do the same, after this weekend from now on out there will be no giveaways ending on a weekend, and I may or may not post any giveaways or review on weekends either but that I still might depending on how I feel and such. With not ending any giveaways on Sat. & Sun. it gives me time to relax more from ending the giveaways to putting up new ones the same day, because on dialup that can get stressfull. To get a giveaway, and review up on dialup the way I want takes me about a hr to a hr and half each one so after ending one and posting all the places I do and then coming back here to put up another giveaway or two there goes my night. I don't mind this at all during the week but the weekends is what will keep me from going insane ha ha. I hope everyone understands nothing has changed much all your gonna see different is that I may or may not post on weekends at all, and that the dates of giveaways ending will never fall on a sat. or sun after this weekend. Now all this could change as far as me putting up giveaways and reviews on weekends it bases on what I have to do that day or whatever, but unless I mess up there will be none ending on the weekend.

2 amazing comments:

Christy said...

that is so understandable I'm fine with that.

Unknown said...

very understanding,you also need you time as well... keep up the good work.