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Animal Adoption 101

Animal Adoption 101

Are you thinking about adopting a pet? It certainly is a worthwhile endeavor. So many dogs and cats are killed every year due to overpopulation. Help save a pet's life and free them from an animal shelter. Welcome a cute and cuddly animal into your home that will be certain to bring you many days of love and enjoyment. Here are some guidelines on animal adoption:

  • Choosing a Pet – There are many factors to consider in deciding what pet to get. You will in all likelihood have your pet for many years to come so you want to make sure that you will have the time and energy to take care of it. Other things to think about are the available space in your home, the needs and interests of all the members of your household, and what type of pets appeal to you. Take a look at pet books or search around online for information on different pets and specific breeds.
  • Animal Shelter – Locate an animal shelter near you to find a pet to adopt. There are also many pet adoption societies with listings of pets for adoption. Also, occasionally individual owners post notices for adoption in the newspaper or on online sites, such as Craigslist. When zeroing in on a specific pet, check to see case history of the pet for information on the previous living situation, behavior, medical condition, and vaccination history. Also, regulations governing pet adoption vary with each locale. Check for pertinent regulations and legal requirements with the animal shelter, adoption society, or applicable governing agency.
  • Taking Your Pet Home – Your new pet may be in a state of shock after being in a shelter for a prolonged period of time or from poor care from the previous owner. Approach your pet with love and care. Speak softly and in a calm voice. If you get a dog, walk it home with a leash if possible, as it might be stressful to get in a car after being cooped up in shelter. If taking your pet home in car, bring a sheet to lay out in the car in case you pet gets sick and vomits, urinates or defecates in the car.
  • Pet Care – Make a checklist of the necessary aspects for caring for your pet. Purchase the appropriate food. If getting a cat, buy litter and a litter box. Prepare the necessary bedding. Get name tags for dogs or pets that you plan to take outside. Get any needed medicine or vaccinations for your pet. Register the pet with the applicable government agency.

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