Monday, May 7, 2012

Bloggers To Stand Behind Chris Mann (The Voice)

I've had the luxury of watching The Voice this season as well as last seasons and I love the show but this year I heard the most beautiful voice I think I have heard in a very long time. This man sang opera which has been a deep passion inside of me for a very long time and his voice brought me to tears a person who can move someone so much in their voice is amazing. Well his name is Chris Mann and I recently got a email today that says he supports us bloggers and he has even been to blog events just wow I'm totally amazed. The video you will see below where he is acknowledging The Resourceful Mommy and then other bloggers as well. Not sure how bloggers or that particular site helped him but if he loves us bloggers that makes him even more a favorite in my book. Although even before I found this out I wanted him to win so I can't wait for tonight and plan to vote yet again for him and his amazing talent that amazing voice of his. I think he could do the Habenera really good and hope to one day get a chance to hear him do just that :) If your not busy tonight come vote for Chris Mann you will be blown away by his voice.

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