Saturday, October 1, 2011

Oliver Kita Chocolates Review

I received the Studio Collection from Oliver Kita Chocolates to review. I got this fast and it came in a pretty box with a ribbon on it, very attractive indeed, great for gift giving right in its on box. Who doesn't love chocolate now days I know there are some that don't but I sure ain't one of them. They looked so pretty in the box almost too pretty to eat but that didn't happen for long. We all sat down and enjoyed a few I love that they aren't like super rich so even my mom could enjoy them with her bein diabetic as well. Some were better than others but loved the variety because you are sure to find one you like. I do wish it had've had a name sheet so you know what was in what without second guessing and it bein a mystery but that's just me. Some people love the mystery I guess I just ain't one of them. With in a couple days we had ate all these and they were even good cold from the fridge. They have alot of different kinds of chocolates on their site and they are actually pretty descent in price for the quality chocolate you get. We did enjoy these and I was so happy to have gotten to try them. They would be great to give for the holidays coming up so keep Oliver Kita Chocolates in mind for this years Christmas presents for you or your loved ones.

Studio Collection - $36.00

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