Thursday, August 11, 2011

Coffee, Coffee, And More Coffee!!

I have been hunting online for some time now looking for sites that carry some of the best gourmet coffee that I can find. Sadly I have ran into a delima until recently cause I hadn't found any with great prices. I was lucky to find one that just fell into my lap. My whole household loves coffee regardless that we choose to drink it differently. I love cold coffee, iced coffee, and cold latte's, where my mom drinks it hot every day, several times a day at that. She likes dark roasted more than anything as well. My husband loves fresh coffee from an espresso sadly we don't own one but I noticed this site also carries a Gaggia espresso machine so that might just work out for us to get. I like this site carries different flavored coffees, dark roasted, organic and so on. Its like a coffee emporium with so many types even some from other countries like Mexico. I love the fact that any of the coffees you choose to buy can be shipped anywhere in the world right to your doorstep. Hoe much easier could it get I mean really with great prices you would save a ton of money from not buying in the store. You could pack up on supply of it and to think a all around coffee store you will never go without again. I love my caffeine always have so why not get an extra dose with some more coffee is what I'm saying. So if your a major coffee lover this site is for you and you never run out again. My mom also likes kettles and guess what they carry the Hario Kettle so may just have to get her one of these as well. So hope you check it out.

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