Thursday, August 11, 2011

Another Great Pretty Woman Perfume Review

I received a lovely little gift bag of goodies from Pretty Woman Perfume to review. I had a chance to work with this company about a year ago and absolutely loved them then and still love them now. They sent me a little bit of this and a little bit of that. Ok so I have always been a fan of Roy Orbison especially with the song Pretty Woman so why wouldn't i want to try and enjoy Barbabra Orbisons perfume. Well I do thats just it I love it and so does my family. My husband loves the candle and he said keeping it lit around the house when I'm not here reminds him of me. The reason for this is the candles smell just as great as the perfume. The perfumes don't take alot to get a great scent and they are able to be worn all day I have had no issue with it stayin on. I love that it outlasts most the perfumes I have here at home. The shirt is just so cute, and the writing on it is quite lovely. The on the go perfumes I think are my favorite now just put a couple in each purse you have and go its just that simple. So if you like perfume that smells great, at great price then why haven't you checked out Pretty Woman Perfume, don't worry you got time go check them out today. Me and my family all recommend it to all the pretty ladies.

Here is the woman behind it all.... Barbara Orbison

Pretty Woman T-Shirt (gold logo)- $19.99

Pretty Woman "On The Go!" - $16.95

Pretty Woman Perfume - 30 mL - $50.00

Pretty Woman Perfume Candle - BLACK - $29.99 each

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I received the items shown above and no other form of payment for this. This is 100% my opinion and may not be agreed upon by all. If you like my review please Plus one it on google in the top right please. also this is not sponsored nor does it have anything to do with facebook.

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