Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Dragons of Chiril Book Review

The story starts out kind of slow. As you read on you get used to pronouncing the strong names of people and places. Tipper is under a lot of stress dealing with a mother that is not in touch with reality all the time and a father who no one knows where he is. Bealomondore is a talented artist but is rejected by his father for being just an artist. Fenmon is a strange old wizard who surprises you every time with what he pulls out of his cloak. Its amazing what he can hide in there. The Librarian Librettowit was very smart and could do a lot of things the wizard couldn't. Prince Jayrus was Dragons With Kindness and respect. Sir Beccaroon the grand parrot was very protective of Tipper and her family. He also looked over his forest. There guest to find the three statues to repair the time gate and to save Tipper's father was wrought with dangers and surprises. The battles the fought to get the statues brought out each one of their strengths and ideas. Prince Jayrus was very handsome and brave and I think liked Tipper a lot. I know she was impressed by him and at a constant struggle on how she felt about him. When at the end all had been corrected and the statues put in their right position Jayrus brought to Lady Peg, Tippers mother, a reunion to her parent the King & Queen. Because of a statue Tipper's father had made depicting the King & Queen with double chins years before, Lady Peg had been banished from the castle and her family. I enjoyed this book and would like some of Donita Paul's other books.

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I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review and no other form of payment. This is 100% my moms opinion and may not be agreed upon by others.

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