Saturday, June 25, 2011

Surf Sweets Review

I received several kinds of organic candies from Surf Sweets to review. I wasn't sure what to think of these because I love my candy especially gummy candies which I received the sour berry bears, and the gummy bears not too mention the jelly beans and sour worms. These are all my favorite kinds of candy but thought since they were organic they would taste different to the point I wouldn't like them. I got them fast and couldn't wait to see what the difference was. I tried a little of all of them and truly could not tell a difference at all they are just so good and I even let my family try them and they couldn't see a difference in any of them either. I love tat you can have organic candy which will always be better for you than the stuff sold in stores in the candy idle yet taste just as good. They were not lacking any of their sweetness either or the sourness on some which was great. We enjoyed every single piece right down to the end of each bag. These are so worth making a switch too and know your eating something better for you without losing the taste you love so much. This really opened my eyes to organic candies and I don't think I will ever doubt as much next time when I hear the name organic or natural in front f something. Surf Sweets really knows how to make great candy and I totally recommend them.

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