Monday, May 9, 2011

The Oven Claw Review

I received this great invention called The Oven Claw to review. I have always such problems using the oven mitts cause the heat always feels like it goes through just pulling the rack out of the oven and sometimes I have even got burnt due to my mitt bein too thin or whatever. Not too mention oven mitts just feel weird tryin to get the oven rack out I can't feel it like I want to be able to. I thought when I saw this would be so cool to try if it did what they promised it would be a excellent tool to have. Well after gettin this fast I had to try it gettin the rack out to put my pizza in the oven. Well after the oven was 400 degrees you don't want to stay in your oven long so I used the oven claw to pull the rack out so easy and so fast and it didn't break cause its thick wood which I like cause its sturdier. This even helped put the rack back in after I had put the pizza on it with ease. This is very well balanced and well crafted because its not too much weight on one end or the other. Not to mention my husband jokes about the fact its solid enough if someone broke in your home you could knock them out with it lol. Anyways you should definitely check out The Oven Claw it doesn't cost much either to get something that will last awhile if you take care of it right.

The Oven Claw - $16.50

Comes in the following woods

18" Cherry - Oven Claw Pro
18" Walnut - Oven Claw Pro

These are made in the USA of recycled wood so they can help a family in Ohio put food on their table plus its so eco friendly bein from recycled would...

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I received nothing but the oven claw and no other form of payment. This is my 100% opinion and may not be agreed on by all.

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