Monday, May 9, 2011

Wedgie Review

I received this great invention for people that love to garden and have arthritis and carpel tunnel its called the Wedgie I got this to review. I was happy to get this because my mom has carpel tunnel also has arthritis and yet she loves to garden so much but so hard for her to do these days. Granted my mom has some good days and she can do more but the bad days are really bad so I thought this would be great for her. When she got it she couldn't wait to get out in the yard sadly though we dealt with alot of rainy days so she didn't get outside much cause her arthritis made it hard for her to do much at all. When she finally got up she tried it out in her planter containers outside and she said she loved how easy it was to use without alot of extra work on her joints or her wrists. She used it several times within a week then decided to be bold and went diffing in her flower beds out in the yard. She said the downfall is it takes longer to dig a hole that way but the plus even with doin that she could actually say no matter what she did with it prevented her from bein in the pain she normally is after tryin to garden anything. We recommend this just the same just know it needs to be in softer soil not real hard to use it. Also she loves with us having limited space that she can use this as a door stop until she goes outside gardening so as you can see she uses her Wedgie in several ways and you can to so check it out.

WEDGIE - $13.99

Made in the USA!!

I received nothing but the wedgie and no other form of payment. This is my 100% opinion and may not be agreed on by all.

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