Saturday, April 9, 2011

Potcake Collars Review

I received the Yellow Tail Collar in medium from Potcake Collars to review. I got this for my mom because her dog has been needin a good collar for some time now and I loved the look of all these collars cause there just so cheerful and colorful great colors for the spring as well. Anyways I got this in the mail really fast and it was so easy to adjust to fit my moms dog Tootsie. Now I ordered a medium cause that's what she normally wears and it fits great with room to move on up in which is great cause that means their true to their sizes. My mom's dog Tootsie is a Labrador, German Shepard, and Dalmatian mix and with her dark fur coat this beautiful yellow collar stood out so very nice and easy to see her by far with it on. She seemed to have no issues with it and it wasn't too tight or dug into her neck in anyway. I loved the material as well cause when it gets dirty you just throw it in the washer and walla dry it and ready to go again all nice and clean which is good since it is a light color you know they get dirty fast. Anyways it is made very durable and has been a great collar even when she has been out on a leash with my mom and pulled as hard as she can the collar still with stood and held tight so definitely great collars so head over to Potcake Collars and get you some nice, durable collars at great prices.

Name: Yellow Tail Collar Medium - $17.95

Description: Bimini Dog - Tropical

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I received nothing but the collar and no other form of payment. This is my 100% opinion and may not be agreed on by all.

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