Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Drain Claw Review

I received The Drain Claw to review. I ain't gonna lie I love infomercials or anything that promises to make my life easier, so of course I was ecstatic to get to review this item. Anyways I couldn't wait to try it out I watched the how to video first and all first. I had been wantin to clean this out since we moved here cause who knows how bad it really was since this is a rented house and all. Anyways I stuck the claw down the drain and to my surprise I had a hard time gettin it to go down so I was a bit puzzled so I looked down the drain and some dumb butt decided to have two grates across it to keep hair from goin down and such. So now opposite of the top grate is the second so I really had a hard time gettin this to go down my drain so I was so upset about this. Well I figured if nothin else maybe I could use for other drains I tried the sink in the bathroom and it worked pretty great although not alot of hair in there it got some, also works good in the kitchen. I'm gonna talk to the landlord about why there is a second grate in the bath tub but who knows maybe that's why its never clogged. Anyways the way it worked in my sinks in the kitchen and bathroom are great. I love that no harmful chemicals with me bein a pet owner that's the last thing I want. They are easy to use, pretty sturdy, great price so check out The Drain Claw today.

Here is our tub was trying first

and in the sink

The Drain Claw - $6.99

How It Works Videos Found HERE

I received nothing but the drain claw and no other form of payment. This is my 100% opinion and may not be agreed on by all.

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