Monday, March 21, 2011

Chips Ahoy Reese's Cookies Review

I saw these in the store this month and not sure how many of ya'll who have seen or tried them this month or not. Anyways I love tryin new things so I bought these the last pack we had left in Walmart :) Anyways my favorite candy bar is Reese's so I thought these were gonna be great. I love milk with my cookies so I came home and poured me and Joe a glass of milk and got us a couple of these cookies and sat down to enjoy. Well I ate one without milk and the Reese's cups you can taste that are on top but I thought they were like Reese's peanut butter cookies with Reese's chips on top but their just chocolate chip cookies with Reese's chips on top. This was a bad choice for them although there ok they just ain't all that. The milk even covers the taste of them which is sad cause regular Reese's cuts right through the milk taste. I myself won't be buyin them anymore, I think there ok for someone who isn't crazy about their Reese's like me but if its your favorite candy bar I would stay clear of these cookies.

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