Monday, March 21, 2011

Recipe Pudding Cake

I decided to mess around the other day and make a pudding centered chocolate cake so this is what I did...

Items you need cake mix of your choice
icing of your choice
all ingredients for pudding
all ingredients for cake mix
cool whip

(I used duncan hines milk chocolate icing and their yellow cake mix)

1)Just make your cake mix like normal and bake it everything is normal there
2)take it out and let it cool on a rack or cutting board like I did.
3)Make pudding with 2 cups of milk instead of 3 that way it makes it thicker
4)then stick in fridge for about 15 mins.
5)Cut cake in half
6)spread pudding across the cake thick so its a better bite into it.
7)Then put the other part of the cake on top
8)then icing the cake all sides but the side you cut although your choice but I didn't so I could show better.

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