Tuesday, March 22, 2011

SendPhotos Review

I received a gift code which I purchased my photo book from SendPhotos to review. I had so many different plans on what I was gonna put in this book and then when I went through to set it up and added all my pics I felt something was wrong. Ok as you will see in my below pics it kept popping a exclamation mark up on most of my pics saying they were to small to use so I figured since I had no other pics I would just surf the net for pics of my hottest 10 guys and make a book about them. So after goin through all that and usin big pics from the net to put in my album it still did the same thing. Well after spending stressful number of hours on this I decided I would just go for it anyways with the celeb pics because if they came out messed up I wouldn't care as much compared to my own pics. I have been wantin to make a hottie book to look back on one day for awhile anyways so this was a great chance. I ordered it with ease it has a area as soon as you come to the site that lets you change it over to US Dollar amounts instead of UK which made the process so much easier. The site wasn't difficult just me tryin to figure it out and what I wanted to do. The only thing I found wrong was the exclamations cause when I got the book nothin was wrong nothing was too small so not sure if its the site or not. If I was to buy from this site before I sent the order in I would probably talk to someone over the phone to make sure all is well or just take a chance like I did if it don't come out right contact them about it. They have been a great company to work with so I seriously think they would do all they can to make your experience just as great as mine was. I got shipping over night and it was so crazy cause I got this so much faster than I could have imagined because even with overnight shipping they still had to make the book yet it only took a couple days for making and shipping. I give this company a (A) grade for all their products and customer service skills. If you want a nice photo book for all your memories or for a great gift get pics or calendars then check out SendPhotos.

Here is the pics of the program online to set it up looks like

Here is a few pics of what it looked like online and when I was sending off for it you will see the same sets with and without the exclamation mark the one with is in editing still.

Here is pics of just a few of what it looked like when i got it

Here is the video footage of it still online


Here is the video footage of what it looked like when I got it


Photobook Passion Collection - Hard Cover - $35.87

I received nothing but a gift code to purchase my book and no other form of payment. This is my 100% opinion and may not be agreed on by all.

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