Saturday, December 4, 2010

Scarlet's Divine Vintage Review

I received some fabric destash from Scarlet's Divine Vintage on etsy to review. Everyone knows by now me and my family have started trying to make things around the house to sale on etsy so any fabric I find I'm all about it especially if its something I can't say I have seen before around my area or online. So when I saw these 3 different kinds I started thinkin of ideas of things to make and I think I've got some ideas but it will probably be after Christmas before there put up in my store but can't wait to show the stuff off. Anyways the customer care with this shop was great had no issues and i got the fabrics fast in this cute little bundle and even had a ribbon on it, that means alot to me as far as care from a shop. I have always been one who loved vintage things so looking at this shop I really love some of the things in it especially the wreath you will see below absolutely gorgeous. There is alot of cute vintage things for anyone in your family this holiday whether it be like the wreath for decorations or some vintage for gifts for your family or friends that love vintage or even for older generation that lived it. The prices just like the shipping are great as well and if I could favorite most of there store without looking greedy I would ha ha cause for what I don't want I know alot of people that would, so check out Scarlet's Divine Vintage.

Here are some other great items in their shop....

Vintage French Beaded Floral Wreath - $42.00

Pink Poppy Vintage Hostess Apron Double Sided - $9.00

Retro Santa Clause and Mrs. Clause Oven Mitts
- $16.00

Frankie and Baby Vintage Butterfly Flats sz 7 - $35.00

Also check out and learn more about the artist below (besides the shop)

I received nothing but the destash material shown above for this review no other payment. This is my opinion and may not be agreed on by others.

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