Saturday, December 4, 2010

Tools Tools & More Tools....

Well its that time of year again here with Christmas coming up my husband absolutely loves tools of any kind and we're always running across new ones he wants every year it seems like there is always a new thing coming out all the time who knew. Anyways he has been looking for some tools to make things like shelves and such so we can sell the stuff on our etsy shop. As of right now we know we will need a jigsaw, circular saw and now he has put on his list to get a annular cutter as well. As time goes by I'm pretty sure we will find so many other things he needs but these are just some of the tools I have to look into to get for him so we can make things to sell and for things around the house we have been wanting to make forever now. Until I met my husband I can tell you I knew very little about tools at all just the ones I used to use in my dad's garage to fix cars, but mainly the department I worked in which was changing oil filters and changing tires that was about all I knew anything about. Now after 10 years with my husband I have learned there are so many tools out there and so many sizes of those tools its like a endless world of tools ha ha. Another thing I had been looking at recently with surprising him with once i get him some of the other things on his list was to get him a metal hole saw figured it would come in quiet handy as well to use when making some stuff with wood, anything and everything I can get along the way is helpful as well.

I am compensated with money for this sponsored post. This is 100% my life experience though.