Thursday, November 4, 2010

Bright Circle Review

I received this very beautiful ring and bracelet from Bright Circle on etsy to review. Both of these pieces of jewelry really caught my attention and the color of the stones as well from the moment I saw them. She has alot of really nice things in her shop like these and other stuff as well. She has this different kind of fashion jewelry that is unique that I love and my whole family even commented on how exquisite the jewelry really is. The prices you would think would be outrageous for such nice jewelry but its not its very reasonable. I got mine pretty fast in the mail in this absolutely cute little box with ribbon which was a great touch. Working with the owner of this shop has been a pleasure and her customer care skills are wonderful. I totally recommend this shop and her prices. Christmas is just around the corner so why not go through her shop and see what pretty things you can find for that loved one in your life that has everything cause I promise you they don't have this stuff from her shop. The quality of each item has alot of care put into it you can tell that and the colors are so bold and brilliant to make each item perfectly splendid. I can't say anything bad about my experience with Bright Circle or her shop either and plan to buy from in the future and some of my family have said they will as well. Hope you take the time to stop by her blog and her shop.

Also check out some of there other beautiful stuff to buy....

Fire Medallion - $30.00

Gazing Pool Chandelier Earrings Pierced or Nonpierced available - $30.00

Halloween Collection--Witch's Brew shimmerstone pendant - $12.75

Hard Candy Anklet--silver plated anklet with pink and orange glass beads - $20.00

Get to know the artist below besides there shop above


I received nothing but the bracelet and ring shown above for this review no other payment. This is my opinion and may not be agreed on by others.

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Bright Circle said...

Thanks for such a lovely review! It was a pleasure working with you too.