Thursday, November 4, 2010

Tripician's Treasures Review

I received this beautiful handmade Candy Display Three Tiered Candy Dish from Tripician's Treasures on etsy to review. I can tell you they carry alot of very nice stuff from things like this to jewelry, hair accessories, purses on out. All there stuff is very nice and great pricing for the quality in all you get. I love that I got my item really fast and they made sure it wouldn't get broke at all it was stuffed and stuff which I love they took the extra step to make sure something so beautiful didn't get broke or even chipped and it didn't either. They also sent me these cute little earrings as well just beautiful. I love the feel of the stuff they carry in there store, alot of the stuff I can see my self wearing and people I know as well which makes this a great shop to buy for the holidays or birthdays as well. I can tell you this candy dish I got I have never seen anything like it before and that's what I love its beautiful and so much prettier in person than on the site, pictures don't do it justice. As far as the other stuff they carry they are all marked great prices even with the shipping and most of there work is one of a kind which to me makes it more appealing because I know no one else has what I got. The customer care of Tripician's Treasure is wonderful as well I really enjoyed working with them and plan to buy from in the future...

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CRAFT CANDLES BUY 1 OR TWO - $5.00 (1) or $8.00 (2)


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I received nothing but the Candy Display Three Tiered shown above for this review no other payment. This is my opinion and may not be agreed on by others.

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