Friday, November 5, 2010

Fiinafiina Fab Vintage Find Review

I received some destash, very pretty material from Fiinafiina Fab Vintage Find on etsy to review. I thought these were some very pretty materials and with me tryin to get things made so I can open a etsy shop myself this really came in handy. I got my material pretty fast and I love how it was sent because they even tied it off with a thank you note and a ribbon around it. The customer service is wonderful and a complete pleasure to work with. I love all the vintage stuff they carry all very unique beautiful stuff, and me bein so young I love to get things that weren't in my era to collect and keep around. My mom loves this shop she looked over some of the nice things they had and she plans to buy from in the future. There prices are pretty nice even with shipping which is a plus, and they have some stuff I have never seen anywhere else. So for your must haves, your hard to find stuff, and just a vintage look check this shop out for all great finds. Alot of the vintage clothing looks real nice they have lots in XL and below and I know alot of people that could wear these clothes. My whole family is older which this shop really plays a good part for holiday gifts and birthday gifts for all of them. I recommend for unique vintage stuff check out Fiinafiina Fab Vintage Find.

Here is some of there awesome vintage stuff....

Vintage 60s Vanity Fair Full Length Slip Dress Leaves Embroidery - $20.00

Vintage Buttons Red large and small metal shank - $3.50

Vintage 70s Party Prom Dress Navy Silver Dot Full Length Gown
- $35.00

Vintage 60s Double Chiffon Nightie Aristocraft Pale Green White Lace - $22.00

Learn more about the artist beside checkin out there shop above


I received nothing but the Destash Material shown above for this review no other payment. This is my opinion and may not be agreed on by others.

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