Monday, October 25, 2010

Leaf Loader Review

I received this great product from Leaf Loader to review. This was the perfect thing and exactly what my mom has been lookin for. Here it is fall and the leaves have begun to fall and my mom can't stand a yard full of leaves so she usually rakes them up and burns them or she will rake them up and put in a bag. I'm not gonna lie though my mom has alot of back problems and raking isn't bad on her its the constant reaching down and back up back and fourth to pick up the leaves. But with the Leaf Loader she rakes the leaves onto this lightweight product then picks it up and puts right into a trash can or a bag with ease on reach down once instead of constantly. Plus no more burning which is better for the environment. My mom loves this because it is definitely a big help for her and people like her that have bad backs yet still like a nice kept yard. Plus this can be used not just in the fall anytime you got leaves fallen whether fall or summer and stuff. It cuts down on the time it used to take her in the yard as well used to be she spent most the day outside raking and picking up leaves and now it takes her about 3 to 4 hours max in our good size yard the Leaf Loader does cut over half the time in yard work, this is a must have for any gardener.

Leaf Loader - $29.95


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I received nothing but the Leaf Loader shown above for this review no other payment. This is my opinion and may not be agreed on by others.