Monday, October 25, 2010

Buy Green Solar Hybrid Flashlight Review

I received the Solar Hybrid Flashlight from Buy Green to review. I have been wantin to try one of these for along time so when givin the chance I jumped on it. I got my flashlight really fast and it was fully charged when I got it which was nice cause I was able to check it out right away. It lights up a little red light when its charging and it seems to do that with any kind of sunlight or overhead light in your house. It lights up green for use of the battery and when your using the solar section of the flashlight its orange so easy to keep everything apart. The button to turn it off and on is very soft and easy to click on and off. It is made pretty strong and has a long strap to it to hang on a door or something yet has a clip on the cord for easy tightening it on whatever you need it on. This is a great flashlight to have around for when your power might get knocked off or durin a hurricane or bad storm. I love the fact that the light from this flashlight lights up a whole dark room as if you had a light on, its more powerful than a regular flashlight and its brighter as well. This flashlight just like alot of other stuff Buy Green has in there stores is totally worth buying for your home, so check them out and get your hands on one of these flash lights.

Solar Hybrid Flashlight - $19.95

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This flashlight offers innovative Hybrid Solar Technology - it generates renewable power from sunlight or room light and stores it for later use. No shaking, no cranking - it's ready to go when you need it! This flashlight can hold a single charge for over 3 years with 1-Watt 2X Super Bright LED.

I received nothing but the Solar Hybrid Flashlight shown above for this review no other payment. This is my opinion and may not be agreed on by others.

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