Sunday, August 15, 2010

Marx Foods Palm Leaf Plates Review

I received two sets in two sizes of the palm leaf plates from Marx Foods to review. I thought this was a neat idea the plates are made out of leaves my ma loved the idea even more than i did. Anyways from first site they look very strong and durable and not flimsy at all which I loved. We used these for several things for snacks like Cheetos which you will see in the pic to actual barbecue chicken and fries in another and it withstands the weight from types of food better than any throw away plate we have bought in stores. Its not badly priced especially when the quality is so great. I would recommend for some many different occasions to have these replace your basic throw away plates just cause they are stronger, they don't leak, and they don't fold up easy. Now the only thing I saw that I really didn't care for is like I eat the crumbs of my chips when there in a bowl or plate so I went to do that with these and I don't know but with my finger wet you could taste the plate you could say kinda bitter other than that if your not gonna try to eat the plate then its such a minor issue anyways. So the next party you have or wedding or whatever calls for a simple cleanup then Marx Foods palm leaf plates are the thing for you. There even nicely designed as well my mom didn't even want to throw them away she said they were way too nice.

Palm Leaf Hexagonal Plates
9 1/2" Diameter - $33.50 per 25 pieces / $77.25 per 100 pieces

Small Hexagonal Palm Leaf Plates
7 1/4" Diameter - $30.75 per 25 pieces / $68.95 per 100 pieces

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I received a set small plates and larger plates shown above and no other payment. This is 100% my opinion and may not be agreed on by others.

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